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  • New Feature: How to use Local Groups

    Hi Rest Less Community!

    A number of you will have seen the Local Groups feature pop up recently. This is a new feature that we delivered after so many of you reached out to let us know you wanted to connect with local people as well as people across the nation. The feature is still a work in progress as we work with you to decide on the best structure for these groups. In the meantime I’ve created a quick video to show you how to use them!


    As always your feedback is most welcome and encouraged. Happy posting!


    Posted by Sara
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    • Reply by tina.mckenzie

      Hi Sara,

      Firstly, thanks for this amazing website.  I live in Hertfordshire and i believe there’s about 5 on this site that do, we have requested a “Hertfordshire” local group to be set up.  Can you confirm if this is likely to happen.  It would be great to contact likeminded people in our area.  Thanks Sarah.


      • Reply by Sara

        Hi Tina!

        Really glad to hear you like the site and thank you so much for pinging me about Hertforshire. We are doing a full review of how we are managing local groups this week as there has been so much interest. I will be sure to bring this up in the meeting and let you know what structure we decide on!

        Keep the feedback coming 🙂


        • Reply by tina.mckenzie

          Thanks Sara, appreciate you taking the time to get back to me.  Look forward to hearing back on outcome.  Take care

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