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    Colchester castle, 6/4/21.

    Posted by johnp
    • Reply by Dreamyboy

      Love some of the old buildings in Colchester, got a great history – always found the story of the royalists executed in the grounds of the castle a bit sad.

    • Reply by johnp

      Yes. Colchester is Britain’s oldest recorded town and has much history.

    • Reply by jac-b

      Oldest copper mine in the world too.

      The Great Bronze Age Orme Mines of Wales | Copper Mining and Evidence of Giants in Ancient Britain

      Hugh Newman explores the ancient copper mines of Llandudno in North Wales. ‘The Great Orme Mines’ have been in use for 4,000 years, but a neolithic dolmen and 14,000 year old artifacts have also been found in close proximity to the mine. 1,760 tonnes of copper ore (Malachite) was excavated and used all through Europe in the Bronze Age, enough to create 10 million bronze axes. Hugh goes down 60 feet into the mine, but it goes a further 150 feet down, and has over 5 miles of tunnels in total. Massive axe casts, and huge stone hammers are on display and Hugh suggests this may be the work of giants, as hundreds of accounts of bones and skeletons, as well as numerous legends talk of them being present in this area.

      • Reply by Andy Paddles

        Love the Ormes jakb – spent endless time scrambling around them as a kid!

        Hoping to paddle from Llandudno Junction to Rhos on Sea later this year, with an overnight camp on the Little Orme!

    • Reply by jac-b

      I do get a bit carried away with the local history of these parts.
      As you were.

      • Reply by johnp

        Nothing wrong with enthusiasm !

    • Reply by CAAS

      Can you go in and have a look round? If you can, how much does it cost or is it Free. My local Castle is Nottingham Castle .At one time it was Free since they’ve done it up it’s £13 for Adults to get in and the once free kiddies play area is £3 to get in.

      • Reply by johnp

        You can look around Colchester Castle.
        Entry is £10.00 for adults..

    • Reply by Andy Paddles

      Here’s my local castle, compact and bijou by stone fortress standards, but free to look around!

      And if the pub’s open you’ll likely be able to meet the King!

      Piel Castle – Furness Peninsula!

    • Reply by Rainy days and Mondays

      Colchester one of the oldest castles but I prefer ones falling down haha