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  • My cash ISA from 2020 has just come to an end, but with interest rates so low, I’m thinking whether I can better invest my money into another ISA fund or stocks/shares. Has anyone used any other reliable (low risk)method of investment and can recommend a investment manager/company ?

    Posted by KamV
    • Reply by Ehcemp

      Look at fixed rate bonds, rates are better than isa’s.

      • Reply by KamV

        thanks for the suggestion.

    • Reply by Sue V

      We put ours in premium bonds, won over £100 in first month

      • Reply by Jeffers 49

        Me and my wife just took our savings out of isas and put them into premium bonds. Fingers crossed we may win something. Better chance tgan the pennies we get in interest!

    • Reply by KamV

      thanks Sue…will also look into this.

    • Reply by Ian1964

      Stocks and shares isa has the potential to earn you more interest but you need to choose carefully which companies to invest in.

      Have a look at Hargreaves Lansdown.

      • Reply by Iva

        I was looking at them another day but they do charge a lot for 1 transaction,
        I am a novice in stock so don’t really know how many transactions a month I’ll need

        perhaps only 1 or even less but how can one get more money just from one transaction?
        I understand that it depends on what you buy and yet as soon as you want to sell it, you’ll need to pay for another transaction.

        However, HL doesn’t charge for funds transfer.
        Have you ever done funds with them?
        They seem easier to pick up, I don’t know, it is only my opinion.
        I am still researching on those units and what are they, income fund, accumulated fund and so on.

        There is also the news that Vanguard is after HL customers, hence the HL shares dipped a bit.

        • Reply by Ian1964

          As mentioned, best seeking an approved financial advisor. A good advisor should be able to advise you depending on what your aims are.

        • Reply by Iva

          Well, financial advisors do advise their own products because they work on commissions. That’s what happen in their industry but the aim of SIPP is DIY investments rather than buying financial packages on someone’s biased advice.

          Nevertheless, it is one of the options because should you take the advice from the financial advisors and the fund goes bust, at least you are protected up to 50k , because they have to have professional insurance.
          Thank you anyway, I will probably need to search for the advisor whose products are from the funds I like.

    • Reply by Penners

      I suggest you get financial advisor who can help with your options as there are tiers of risk and it depends on your investment timeframe, the rate of return you are looking for, and appetite for risk,

      If you want to DIY then I suggest a lot of research – HL mentioned below, AJ Bell and Interative investor all provide self service advice and platforms to investment your money

    • Reply by KamV

      thanks everyone for further advice….will look into these…

    • Reply by Seadog

      Stocks and shares is not low risk, and a financial adviser is best person to ask who will assess your appetite to risk/ personal circumstances/goals in life etc.

    • Reply by Seadog

      AJ Bell is one company that does Stocks and Shares ISA’s, and as someone already mentioned, investing in the stock market is never low risk. Example of one of their funds, and the risk profile. https://www.youinvest.co.uk/investment-ideas/ajbell-funds. You could put all your money into that fund, and it would spread your money across cash, bonds and shares to spread your risk. A financial advisor is someone you should talk to so as to understand how much you have to invest, if you have a pension/SIPP, other savings, dependents, life plans etc…..As an example, I have made over 3% on my own ISA with a variety of funds which includes stocks in individual companies (high risk), funds, through to bonds (lower risk).

    • Reply by Sue V

      Go for premium bonds, you can’t lose if you have up to £10k. Prizes turn up regularly