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LesleyS Posted 1 year ago
Morning all. With all this rain and no longer having my trusted sidekick Cassie dog I’m finding it a little had to get out and walk. But I do and it helps a little while we’re all in this lockdown.
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    • Ginny65 3rd February 2021 at 8:28 am

      Hi Lesley sorry to hear you lost your dog but great that you still get out. Do you gave local walks/routes you take? I try to walk everyday whatever the weather and manage to run twice a week too. I do a click and collect for my parents and they live on the cliffs in Minster. After I’ve dropped the shopping off I’ve often walked along the beach and been surprised how busy it is even in wind and rain. I usually walk on the actual beach as I get it to myself. Locally I have to walk in the nearby lanes as the footpaths are far too muddy.
      I don’t know about you but every walk is different and I feel so much better after even when I get back wet and cold.
      I’ve read about ‘forest bathing’ and how time in forests lifts you. Hopefully once we can travel outside our local areas I can give this a try too.

      • LesleyS 3rd February 2021 at 1:31 pm

        Hi Ginny my walks are dominated by the weather rain rain and more rain, so I’m doing pavement routes from my house. However once it’s not so boggy I’ll be off to the woods of Shorne and the fields around.