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    I have been out of work for 3 years due to me taking early leavers from s job that was closing also my work pension  I was actively looking for work pre this virus  I have never claimed any money from no-one but my savings have gone and I still have to pay a mortgage bills etc   just wondering if I can get any help and who do I get in touch with   thanks for amy advice  I am 60

    Posted by pickersgillann
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    • Reply by mark.hodson5

      You sound very positive in what also sounds like a difficult situation, which is very encouraging.

      Have you tried the Citizens Advice Bureau they have always been good at helping people understand benefits etc.


    • Reply by Kate

      Job seekers allowance, universal credit and income support come to mind to help you whilst finding work you can do. It’s online at gov.uk . I hope this helps.

      • Reply by pickersgillann

        Thank you all I’m now in process of getting &45 pet  MONTH !!!! From UC  but not till end of June   a bit let down with this system when ove worked for 41years but every little helps   if it wasn’t so funny  I think ide cry

      • Reply by pickersgillann

        Thank you I’ve never claimed anything before so will look into this thanks for your help

        • Reply by vaughanpauline


          New here but feel I have to reply to your post.

          For the first time I’ve had to claim because of Corvid.

          The online claim did not go without problems but both times I rang the helpline and was helped.

          The actual benefit I am receiving is low, just enough to pay the bills as long as I shop sensibly.

          The Citizens Advice Bureaus are currently closed but you can email them, replies take days to come back.

          Altogether it’s non functioning system but you will get something


          Good luck



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