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Gary K Posted 3 months ago
Mayflies by Andrew O’Hagan

Read this to review for another book club. A book in two very distinct halves, written in the first person from the author’s point of view, so auto-biographical influence is there.
The second part is a long, poignant and affectionate goodbye to his lifelong and closest friend, both in their late 40’s, and deals with the many personal issues and conflicts surrounding assisted suicide in the terminally ill.
The first part is a funny, joyous account of what turned out to be the last big hurrah ‘rite of passage’ music festival party weekend of a group of friends in transit between adolescence and adulthood, (author and friend included), misbehaving with abandon. It puts the depth of the central friendship into its proper context.
Its beautifully written in a very balanced way, and maintains its focus on the quality of the core relationship, and the other interpersonal relationships that orbit them. The humour in it is sharp and funny, and the gentle treatment of the difficult subject matter concerning end of life is related so well.
A thought provoking and stirring read. If you can handle the subject matter, highly recommended.