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  • Making friends online.

    I am looking to make online friends. During lockdown I have become a bit isolated and it’s getting me down. I need to get out again but it is proving dificult. If there are any other like minded people out there, who enjoy a chat on general topics, why not get in touch. We can all rattle our brains together and we will, wake up from this never ending pandemic.


    Posted by victoriaobrien32
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    • Reply by Tom

      Yes, so many people are feeling the same. I keep telling myself this is an opportunity too. Retrain, make new online friends, get uptodate with the reading, get back into contact with old friends, change my diet, do more appropriate exercise.. I´ve done all these things but it doesn´t beat loneliness. I had to accept that loneliness was part of my life and to take advantage of it (the time) and understand it truly. What hurts is that no one needs to be on their own. I found myself in that place and if I really think hard.. I chose it but don´t like it anymore (lockdown just brought it to tipping point). So it´s fight or flight, do or die, laugh or cry. Get back on the horse and make something happen. It´s only hard not impossible. Be positive.

    • Reply by victoriaobrien32

      I’ve been on the bus a few times. I always wear a mask. But its always the older generation who wear them. The young un’s don’t seem to bother. I have been invited out too, but I don’t feel ready yet. I’m trying to explore the possibility of starting a over 50’s group but let’s wait and see. The time isn’t right at the moment. It’s just great to talk about our insecurities, as we are the most vulnerable group.

      • Reply by mnbhutchings

        I’d be interested in this. I live in a rural area and didn’t go out at all at the beginning of lockdown except for walking my little dog. I am going out more now but still find it stressful. It’s knowing what the rules are in all the shops.

    • Reply by raymondktds775

      Hi Victoria – Sounds like we’re in the same boat. I have to admit to finding  lockdown, and all the uncertainty that’s come with it, a bit tough. It would be good to get out again, but as you say – easier said than done. Unlike Louanne, I haven’t even caught a bus lately. I was hoping there would be an actual local group that might bring members together to socialise at some point, but in the absence of that, feel free to get in touch if you want to chat & start rattling  brains.

    • Reply by Louanne Goodison

      Hello, I was ill last year started to get better started to go out, we went into lock down. Last week I went on the bus for the first time in 8 months. It took me 2 weeks to actually do it. How you doing?

      • Reply by stantini

        I would like to join this group and hopefully we can help each other and bring back the smiles.

        I am in a rut of a marriage, my confidence is low.  I think I need a kick up the … to get me going again. I have been suffering with stress for a while, and not just because of the lockdown.  I need online friends as I am finding it difficult to approach people nowadays.  I sound like a sad, sad person, sorry!!

        I hope that you find what you are looking for.

        Best wishes



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