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  • Made redundant in July 2016…

    … and was fortunate enough to be able to draw my pension early.  Something I’d been desperate to do for many years as I hated my job.  Worked for the same company for 36 years, in the financial services industry, last 23 years of this in IT.  Enjoyed being ‘free’ for the first couple of years.  Managed to catch up on all the jobs around the house and garden that I hadn’t had the time for before.  Still one or two to finish but am now feeling extremely bored and feel I need to do something more fulfilling.  Having had an extremely unfulfilling career I’m not really too sure how to go about finding a new one.  I think I’d like something practical, possibly outdoors and working with my hands.

    Posted by djmitch62
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    • Reply by jmfb2c

      <p>Hi all,</p><p>I am a manager at Weston College and my department support people back into work with free courses that cover areas such as CV writing, interview skills, mental and physical wellbeing, and employability courses; we also have free courses that cover: customer service, care, hospitality, logistics, construction (including CSCS), stewarding & door supervision, safeguarding, IT (Levels 1 & 2), and business administration.  All of the courses are free to anyone and most are now delivered on-line as we move through the COVID-19 era.  As long as you live in England (other areas of Great Britain have different funding streams so you would need to look for a college offering similar qualifications in your own country) and are between 16 and retirement age you can enrol. All of the courses are delivered via awarding bodies such as City and Guilds , NOCN and NCFE and, on completion, you will receive a recognised certificate.  </p><p>If you would like any further information please feel free to contact me on 07973 917389 or at [email protected]</p><p>Keep Safe,</p><p>John</p>

    • Reply by Helen Burns

      Hi Sue

      I’ve just joined the team at Rest Less and noticed that we hadn’t touched base with you on your query. I’m sorry to hear you’ve had such a tough time of it since your company closed down, particularly after such a long time with them.

      What we need to find out is where your blend of skills and unique ‘you-ness’ will be most employable and also identify where there may be gaps in your knowledge that might be beneficial for you to address. The fact that you are getting interviews is excellent news, take heart from that.

      Here are a few ideas I’ve had:

      1. Put your CV to one side for a moment and think more about your skills and strengths. These can be developed both at work and in extra curricular activities such as clubs or volunteering. Are you highly organised? Maybe you’re very patient with people? Do you have specialist knowledge about your local area? Have you been a school governor? The Treasurer at your Scouts group?
      2. What sort of companies might value someone like you, with the skills and strengths you’ve identified and what sort of job might you want to do there? Make a list.
      3. Now, have a look at job ads with fresh eyes – have different opportunities opened up as being possible? Allow yourself to search broadly and play with fresh ideas about what you could do.
      4. Are there skills that regularly come up where you’re not so confident? You mention ‘not being clever with computers’ and having done a course. Remember, computers are a bit like a foreign language (or any new skill) – it takes time and lots of repetition, so don’t get disheartened too soon. Keep going with your learning and build your confidence bit by bit.
      5. Go back to your CV and see if you can include more about your skills and strengths. We’ve got some great articles and resources around CV preparation here and interviewing tips for when you’re invited in to meet a hiring manager.
      6. Around any job search activities, also keep busy with activities that make you feel good. This might include volunteering, training, hobbies or spending time with family, friends (mostly at a distance at the moment!) and pets. They keep our attitudes fresh and our networks vital.

      I hope these ideas help, Sue. It is certainly an uncertain economic climate, so the aim is to have your job search activities in tip-top condition, ready to press ‘go’ when you, and the market, are ready.

      Does anyone else have some words of encouragement for Sue?

      Helen at Team Rest Less

    • Reply by susanworton1956

      My name is sue i am 63 i have been a receptionist for solicitors for the last 28years but in August 2018 i was made redundant due to the practice having to close  I’m not too clever with computers i have had a few interviews but not getting anywhere i have been on a computer course. I have applied for shop work and warehouse nobody wants me

    • Reply by susan

      Hello djmitch62, I wondered how things were going with trying new avenues and whether any of our suggestions struck a cord? Something ‘practical, possibly outdoors and working with my hands’ sounds really nice – except possibly when it’s pouring down with rain when I’m pretty glad to be in an office 😉

      Was just wondering, if you’d thought about volunteering as a way to get an outdoorsy role. There are a whole lot of the listed on our site including working at RHS Gardens or even with the Woodlands Trust. Do take a look https://restless.co.uk/volunteer/volunteer-types-of-roles/getting-outdoor-and-volunteering/ and let us know how your search goes!

      Thanks, Susan

    • Reply by aislinggray

      Hi djmitch62 – welcome to the Rest Less community.  You are certainly not alone in looking forward to retirement so much and then a short while afterwards realising that you would still like some kind of a fulfilling role whilst you continue to enjoy the other benefits of retirement.  I hope our website will prove to be a useful source of advice and inspiration for you.

      It sounds like an active role might suit your requirements.  Have a look at this page on our website for some inspiration: https://restless.co.uk/career-advice/job-ideas/11-jobs-that-can-help-you-stay-active-over-50/

      From what you’ve written it sounds like you are on the lookout for something more fulfilling than your previous career.  You might want to have a look at these ideas which are suggestions for jobs where you give back: https://restless.co.uk/career-advice/job-ideas/rewarding-jobs-where-you-can-really-make-a-difference/

      Hopefully some others on the community might have some extra ideas to share but I hope these are a useful starting point – please let us know what you think of them and how your search progresses.

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