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  • Lost my spark for living

    Please don’t be alarmed I’m not going to end it all. I’m just curious if I am alone in not getting a spark out of anything. Since this awful covid had caused so much to everyday life and how we live it.  I find the idea of doing anything does not fill me with glee.  The world has changed and I’m definitely out of my comfort zone.

    Does anyone else feel the same??

    Posted by Jules28
    • Reply by RobertJ

      Hi Jules.

      I know how you feel. I found that when we went into lockdown I really embraced it. I got stuck into lots of little projects and did things I’d wanted to do for years.

      But bizarrely since things have opened up I feel more lethargic, sort of ‘what’s the point’. I think we just need to all gang on in there and wait it out.

      Whereabouts in the country are you? Are you on your own?

      • Reply by Jules28

        Hi Robert. Thank you for your response. I was furloughed for what seemed like an eternity. Like you I got jobs done. House looks pretty good and what a transformation. Garden always looks well as that is my therapy. Love a tidy garden to look out on.

        I. Have my 20 year old twins still at home with me so I am lucky by not being totally alone.. Plus I work.

        For me though life has lost its oomph and I totally understand the what is the point thinking.

        I hope you have a good Friday and weekend. Take care and keep safe.



    • Reply by Daz

      Hello Jules,

      Yes the Covid has affected my health too. Each day seems the same. Everything is online, I like to meet pple and do classes in person. Whereabouts are you Jules in UK. Mostly all activities have to be done from home. Daz





      • Reply by Jules28

        Hi Daz. Thank you for your response. I’m sure in time we will get used to this and it will become the new normal. I live just over the border in North Wales but very close to Chester. I’m still working so have a purpose to get up in the morning. Life just seems to have lost its oomph!

        I hope you have a good day. Keep safe. Jules


    • Reply by jeanmunday481

      Hi Jules,

      I know exactly what you mean. How am I supposed to be enthusiastic about anything when all I can think about is this darned virus!!

      It’s affected me more than I thought it would to be honest! I’m 59 and out of work for the first time. Awful! The novelty has worn off now but am finding extremely hard to search for work when I might catch it. What to do!!!

    • Reply by joannec478

      After being struck down with Rheumatoid Arthritis and being in a wheelchair I’ve gone from being a happy go lucky positive person with a full time job to a person who has to drag herself up each day with the outlook, “ what’s the point” !  This COVID nightmare has only made me feel even more isolated and since being housebound I’ve lost contact with all my work colleagues and the few friends I had, my husband was very ill early in the year with a mystery virus??? On our return from France last year which resulted in him having kidney failure, being put on a ventilator in ICU and eventually needed to have open heart surgery to replace two valves that this “ mystery” virus destroyed…. he is slowly recovering now but all this has taken its toll on me and I’m feeling very despondent so when I saw your post it struck a chord with me, you’re not alone