Home Forums Bereavement Lost my mum suddenly on thu 16th April, bin busy sortin things with her bank n life ins companies, but now thats all done , so now im feelin the sadness more n more as each day goes by

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  • Lost my mum suddenly on thu 16th April, bin busy sortin things with her bank n life ins companies, but now thats all done , so now im feelin the sadness more n more as each day goes by


    Posted by kindrdspirit
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    • Reply by juleswalker

      Hi. I lost my Dad on May 2nd this year. It hurts still and I expect it to hurt for a long time, but it doesn’t hurt all the time. My Mum asked me to write and speak Dad’s eulogy, which was a tremendous honour. I found writing the eulogy a very cathartic experience. I wept a lot as I remembered shared times, but overall the experience has helped me heal. I agree with another poster that anniversaries and events will be painful reminders – Father’s Day was difficult. It helps me to write to Dad; I keep a book just for writing to him. I hope your pain eases.

    • Reply by pamelamartin

      See a counsellor. I did but expect to do the work yourself. He or she will only give tentative suggestions and support. They are not there to give you answers but to help you find them!

    • Reply by keithstewart

      Hi, it sounds like you are doing and going through healthy things. People can imagine how you feel. But only you KNOW how you feel. I don’t think there is a set timetable or direction. Your grieving will write it’s own story. The first year can be hard because of anniversaries, xmas etc. I imagine you on a journey to find the next you while holding on to the parts of life with mum that inspire you. It was hard but sometimes it was o.k. to smile and laugh. Especially looking back at memories. Take YOUR time.


    • Reply by paddypatch4

      When I lost my dad, I was sad for so long, pushing everyone away kind of starting a new life made reflect and take each think we did a special and a memory to remember, I got sad and I cried and needed people to talk to about anything no matter how small, talking things through bit by bit, I will never forget and don’t want, but recently June last year someone close and its upsetting and understanding why it happened

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    • Reply by Elena

      I am really sorry to hear that, I lost my parents one after the other a couple of years ago and I understand how you feel. One though that helped me while I was going through those sad times and still helps me now was finding out ways in which they still live through me and remembering the good times.

    • Reply by AndyC

      It is a natural part of the healing process not that that makes it any easier

    • Reply by kathy

      Ahh , it is sad to lose your Mum , especially if you had a good relationship. I can only speak from personal experience but I would say accept that you will be sad, I cried unexpectedly At anything associated with my Mum … and some things that weren’t . I cried when I was happy for my Mum. It’s ok to feel her loss , i always tried to think of the happy time , when she made me laugh and when she supported me . Hope this helps

    • Reply by seaweed5254

      Sorry about that. I know how it feels especially at this trying  times. Where are you from? If need to have a chat, let me know.


      • Reply by lynnfinney

        Aw am sorry to hear that, greif is so unpredictable. I lost my dad on 6th April so am kind of in the same boat. Like you, I was busy dealing with his business things, now that’s done is the real sadness. We have to just go slow, take one day at a time and accept you greif let it happen, it’s natrual and normal. Xx

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