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  • Looking after your mental health during lockdown

    How do you look after your mental health during lockdown? Do you take a daily walk? Look after yourself by eating well? Or perhaps you practice mindfulness? We’re keen to hear about your experiences!

    Posted by Team Rest Less
    • Reply by Inky Ess

      It’s very difficult during lockdown if you already suffer from anxiety and depression, but I try very hard to make myself stay active.  Sometimes it’s more difficult than others.  I have numerous hobbies and tell myself it’s a good day if I do at least one of them.  Mostly making jewellery at the moment.  I have two dogs and find taking them for their walks really helps me, fresh air is definitely good.

      today so far is a very good day.  I felt down when I first got up, but took myself out with the dogs and took off my mask when we got to their favourite fields.  Other dog walkers are always friendly and I had 3 socially distanced chats.  It has buoyed me up and I’m now getting my blog up to date with my latest jewellery experiments.

    • Reply by KayDanceStyleSparkle

      Your day sounds good so far, Inky Ess.  Glad you are feeling better than when you got up this morning.

    • Reply by Anonymous User

      I’ve basically stopped pressuring myself to be other than who i am. I no longer suffer fools gladly. I avoid people who dampen my spirits. I am done with drama – am trying to fully embrace this pleasantly quieter time of life having had a relationship fail in part due to Covid.

      Am Luvvin life at the mo. Long may it last