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    I’ve started this club on Facebook for people all over the U.K. that are lonely.
    I’m absolutely heartbroken at a message I got from a lonely person! About their loneliness. How can so many people feel like this😢😢 I’m moving to Nottingham/Loughborough on the 12th of June, from the 19th of June I’m starting my “Solitario Coffee Club” in Nottingham, but I now have some people in other towns who want to meet up for coffee and a chat….so anyone interested please get in touch! For people who can’t get out maybe you’d like a “garden visit? I really have to do something about this “Crippling” loneliness people feel. Please get in touch if you won’t to come and join me. ♥️🦋Meeting up for some people could mean the World 🌎 to them!

    Posted by Cate
    • Reply by dyer6918

      That’s great I don’t live near but I have noted from lockdown so many people live on their own and have been and are extremely lonely. Lovely idea, good luck.

      • Reply by Cate

        That’s just it, you can live anywhere in the U.K. I’m just letting people know if there is someone in their area that wants to meet up for coffee! So if you are or know anyone who just wants a chat and a good cuppa, join us on Facebook. Thanks