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charol Posted 2 years ago
Local members

Hi, are there any members in the Greater London area? I am in the Bexley borough but not far from Eltham. Difficult times to meet for a communal coffee but it would be nice to chat to others at some point maybe online and meet in the future

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    • Dianailly 24th October 2020 at 7:41 pm

      Hi Charol

      You’re so right, these are difficult times and meeting up is so hard. I’m based near Dartford and worked in Crayford for many years.
      I retired a couple of years ago and I’m still trying to find my feet and like you, forge new friendships. My husband retired a while before me and has found solace in fishing and pottering around the house.
      Let’s hope we can move about freely before too long and meet up with friends once again!


      • Marica 17th December 2020 at 4:12 pm

        Hi Diana, that would be a nice idea. It’s not so easy meeting people as we get older so this group is a blessing. Let’s hope we can get a coffee in at some point in 2021