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  • Life after lockdown what are your worries and concerns

    I know that many of us are anxious to get back to our normal lives. To see our families, friends and loved ones.

    I am also worried for those who are l Single, But no families friends or loved ones and for them the only family that they have is here at restless.

    Let’s not forget. Keep in touch everyone I wish you all the best.

    Posted by Alive
    • Reply by Kitty1969

      I am worried about catching Covid still if I am honest, social distancing down here seems to have gone out of the window. I don’t think I what to get back to normal although I cant wait to be able to mett friends for lunch and cake

      • Reply by peter23

        Humans are social animals so, be careful, be sensible, but! JUMP IN AN ENJOY LIFE for it will end one day.

    • Reply by LeighS

      I am concerned what life is going to be like once lockdown eases, how much of a spike in Covid cases will we get. I will continue to wear my mask when out and keep social distancing where possible.

      • Reply by peter23

        Please do not be afraid of life! Be sensible be careful but when all is said and done – death is part of life!

    • Reply by MrsPat

      I am worried about my job situation as the cost of Covid kicks in. I am wondering if my age will go against me when applying for jobs as so many people seem to be looking for work right now.. Finding it hard to be positive.

    • Reply by Shirlann

      That just as we get use to the freedom it going to be taken away again 🙄

    • Reply by PhilB

      I have no worries or concerns at all. I have already had COVID and almost died of it, and due to get my first jab tomorrow.

      • Reply by Alive

        Sorry to hear the you had COVID scary situation. Good luck with your jab tomorrow 👍🏼

        • Reply by PhilB

          Thank you! Can’t say it’s top of my list of “Fun things for Phil to do”, but fingers crossed.

      • Reply by Sandyg

        awful experience, but at least you know you will have strong antibodies.

        • Reply by PhilB

          Thank you! Hopefully it means I won’t have much of a reaction, but knowing my luck…

        • Reply by Jtte

          I have long covid, although never hospitalised. I had my first jab 4 weeks ago. I had one day of feeling like I’d been hit by a bus. All fine since with just my lingering long covid symptoms. Good luck!

      • Reply by Shoshana59

        Sorry to hear you’ve had a rough time. Your still here. I had my first jab last week. 👍.
        Hopefully looking forward to a
        Brighter future all be it sensibly.

    • Reply by Keeleklogger

      I had my first jab 8 weeks ago, just waiting on the second one

    • Reply by peter23

      I most sincerely hope for the resurgence of the traditional British handshake! It represents so much among honourable men and women!

    • Reply by CAAS

      You should be Very Concerned. Your lives will never be the same again. If you think the Government will give you your Freedoms back, you’re very much mistaken. What did Boris say last year and this year?
      Lockdown for 15 days to flatten the curve.
      There’s no need to wear masks.
      We’ll relax things over Christmas. No we wont because there’s a new variant, which has suddenly appeared.
      Pubs will open for outside service 12 April. Open fully in June. No the Government have decide to postpone that till August.
      We will not be introducing Vaccine Passports. Wanna Bet?
      Why do young people need the jab? It’s been proven early in the first lockdown their bodies cope with the virus a lot better than the older generation. But they are now being targeted and being pushed into having the jab.
      The Government only listen to Sage, they will not allow any other Doctor or Scientist, have a say about Covid. and the B.B.C. keep pushing this Propaganda and scaremongering. Several Doctors have gone on line and stated, once a person has had Covid, their immune system produces antibodies which will fight Covid like it does the flu. Available Data shows, that jabs at the moment only protect a person for three months, this may increase to 12 months once more data is available, meaning Covid will be like flu, you’ll be offered a jab at a certain time of the year.

      • Reply by Sandyg

        yes, but flu does in fact kill thousands of elderly and people with weak immune systems every year, so it being ‘like flu’ does not lessen its seriousness.
        I hope the flu jab will be adapted to also contain the covid protection, So only one actual annual jab will be necessary.

        • Reply by CAAS

          Flu as been a killer, for many years, as you say to people who have a weak immune system. 60,000 deaths have been recorded over the period of 2017-2018. And yet there as never been a need for the population to wear masks or stay indoors or to be put under the mental pressure as it as been with this virus. As the lady from Leeds said when she was interviewed during the first Lockdown, the Government should have straight away protected those most at risk, if this had been done maybe both cases and deaths, would have been dramatically reduced. And like you Sandyg I hope there will be a jab that will be available to combat all coronaviruses and S.A.R.S problems. And we are given a choice to have it or not. Let us not forget people who have an abject fear of needles, lets hope a liquid or tablet form can be invented to help these people. But II wouldn’t bet on it.

        • Reply by Sandyg

          well they already do flu immunisation for children via a nasal spray, so that’s an option.

      • Reply by Alive

        Thank you very much for your input into this subject I feel that you have replied it’s spot-on👍🏼

    • Reply by Margaret B

      Our lives will never be quite the same, but we have to move forward and enjoy ourselves the best we can

    • Reply by Ian1964

      Main concern if we go into further lockdowns which I think will prob happen at some point but life has to get back to some normality even if it will be the ‘new normal’. Hopefully we learn from the past twelve months.

    • Reply by Angie…141258

      Hi the fact that the lockdown has lasted so long has upset alot of people. Loosing love ones. Not being close to families and friends I do think it has changed people in many ways. The thought of being scared, worried with cash problems the loss of jobs people getting by day by day being lonely I feel it’s everything. Never no if normal will be normal again locked in your home not being able to go out. Not to mention how much weight gain. Or over drinking. The people need something good on this planet. ( What ) ?

    • Reply by Sandyg

      This has at least made people face the reality that we are NOT in control of our own lives by any means, and we cannot assume our plans will in fact come to fruition…hopefully everyone will now value human contact much more and have reconsidered our priorities ..

      • Reply by Marica

        I agree Sandy. Though sadly , human nature being what it is, there will be the few that just carry on as if nothing has happened. Maybe we should have anew film out, Carry On Pandemic!

    • Reply by Michael Squire

      My worry is that during lockdown although there have been many issues, people have in general been kinder to each other?? I feel this may soon disappear once lockdown is over??

    • Reply by siandeve15

      Let’s not kid ourselves this pandemic is far from over.
      Just because half the population in early April 2021 has had their first jab doesn’t mean you are immune.
      Realistically it’s going to be Spring of 2022 at the earliest before we MAYBE OR MAYBE NOT BE ABLE TO RESUME NORMAL LIFE? that’s not definite.
      Forget going aboard anytime soon.
      Most of Europe is dragging its feet on their population getting immunized eg approx only 10% of France & Spain have had its first jab.
      Before anyone is allowed in, the European population needs to be 70% minimum.
      I for one won’t be shaking hands with anyone anytime soon.
      This is serious ok fewer people are dying of Covid but we have a long way to go before we the general public MIGHT, MAYBE FEEL SAFE.
      Anyone who thinks differently is living in Disney World or Cookoo land.
      Get with the program like what part of “NOW” don’t you understand?
      Sorry for the rant but I am passionate about breathing without a ventilator.

      • Reply by Alive

        No you’re not ranting you’re you have an opinion and your views are very strong I totally agree with you I too do not want to live my life on a ventilator

    • Reply by Sandyg

      But..take care., but do not waste your life living in fear,as that is no life at all.

    • Reply by Alijani

      As someone who has worked with the public all the way through I don’t have any concerns other than how long the government are going to keep such high levels of control over our daily lives. When they are so focussed on just one set of advice it’s scary to think how our community is dictated by so few people with such a narrow view. I seriously need my life and activity back to make day to day worthwhile!