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    I’m Jennifer Adu and I’m looking to work as a legal researcher in the UK. I have legal qualifications, and am looking to further my existing research skills.

    I’m not sure if there is a Body for this area of work, and would appreciate any guidance or information.

    Many thanks



    Posted by jennifercatherine2109
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    • Reply by jennifercatherine2109

      Hello Susan

      Many thanks for your reply.  I’ve got UK legal qualifications – law degree and also the LPC diploma (obtained over 10 years ago).  I’ve worked in both paralegal and Legal researcher roles.


      I’m hoping to refresh my skills and start applying for Legal Researcher roles.  I did contact the Law society (SRA section) but they weren’t helpful.  I’ll have a look at the job link you posted.

      I’ll make sure to update you with my findings.

      Best regards



    • Reply by susan

      Hi Jennifer, are y0u currently based in the UK?  I wasn’t sure from your phrasing of the question if your legal qualifications were gained in the UK?

      The Law Commission takes on a number of research assistants but applications are closed for this year. Might be worth your while visiting their website anyway to have read. https://www.lawcom.gov.uk/placements-and-internships/research-assistants/

      And there are a lot of jobs on Indeed.co.uk https://www.indeed.co.uk/Legal-Researcher-jobs-in-London

      Let us know how you get on and also what you find out, would be really useful for others

      Thanks, Susan




    • Reply by jennifercatherine2109

      Many thanks for your reply.  I’ll have a look on LinkedIn

    • Reply by Metroman

      Are you a member of any professional groups/ societies etc. Would any experienced solicitor etc be able to offer advice?

      Failing both these try asking the same question on LinkedIn.

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