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    I turned 60 last November and have been unemployed since November 2017. I’m a qualified Property Lawyer, but openings in that area are few and far between. I’m also Epileptic which precludes me from being able to drive and so I am reliant on public transport. I also have a dodgy hip (“fair wear and tear”) which means I cannot walk far without a stick.

    Now, I live in a village in South Lincolnshire which has an hourly bus service which means  I can get to Peterborough or Stamford if need be, but my Epilepsy means I cannot work unaccompanied or unsupervised.

    I have, in the past worked at a large laundry, in a Care Home (as their “multitasker”!), as a data processor transferring information on Leases to a database for a large client Housing Association, I’ve done a stint at Sainsbury’s but my own limitations have since narrowed the prospective field of employment.

    I could easily work from home and currently have a “feeler” out to act as a Consultant Property Lawyer for a firm of Solicitors in Guildford, Surrey in that way. As I maintain, I have two hands and a brain and don’t mind what I do but push is coming to financial shove now so I would be grateful for any help/advice or leads even.

    Posted by resholden
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