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    due to repercussions of covid 19, I’m looking to change my job choice. I’m currently working two part time jobs, one in retail (which I intend to continue with)  the other being in childcare as an emergency nanny working for two agencies.  Since staying home, I’ve realised what a hamster wheel I have been currently running on, and because of the sudden loss of income and no support from either agency I don’t wish to continue in the long term. My previous working background for many years has been as a secretary for civil service/charity/metropolitan police before having my son. Following on from there, whilst I did return to part time office work , I became a registered child minder leading to become a self employed nanny.

    My hobbies/interests are interior design/home making/gardening/upcycling, puzzles, swimming, live music/concerts, knitting, cycling/walking. I do basic cooking but not really a baker, have tried candle making but not very good! My main passion at the moment is the upcycling and reusing materials into something else. I moved house nearly 3 years ago and have spent a lot of that time project managing the renovation of an old property whilst living in it.

    Would appreciate anyone’s comments? Thank you



    Posted by barbara-bradshaw
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    • Reply by rydalsawrey

      Hi Barbara,

      I hope you are keeping well.  I have just read your post. You mention interior design and up-cycling as two of your hobbies?  You come across as a very creative person.

      Have you ever thought of taking these further and develop them as a possible new direction? Maybe make things you love and then set up an Etsy shop online ?

      All the best,


      • Reply by barbara-bradshaw

        Hi Elaine,

        i really don’t have the confidence to do something like that! If I had the time in normal circumstances I would love to browse boot fairs and pick up bargains and paint and try re upholstering furniture like I’ve seen in “Escape to the Chateau” on TV. I feel very inspired by your suggestion now though – what a great idea! Thank you so much!!!!

    • Reply by Helen Burns

      Hi Barbara, welcome to the Rest Less forum and thank you for your question. I think the ‘Great Pause’ (as some are calling it), has certainly given many people cause to re-evaluate how they want to spend their time.

      In addition to the community feedback, you mind find some interesting ideas in our Career Advice section and I am personally very inspired by the personal stories, shared by people who have taken the plunge and made changes to their careers and lives.

      Re-training may also be an option and we have an extensive range of courses to browse through from short ones to full degrees, personal interest to professional qualifications. Take a look, here.

      In all of this, I’d encourage curiosity, so happy hunting.

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