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  • I’ve been making rainbow cards!

    Posted by Thecraftygirl
    • Reply by Maggielou 52

      Wow, they are so pretty. Well done.

    • Reply by Bastmanya Moonblood

      Nice you shoud sell them in schools when they go back. 😊

    • Reply by Galadriel

      Brilliant idea

    • Reply by Anne46


    • Reply by Thecraftygirl

      Thanks ladies! I am partial to anything rainbow coloured and sparkly!

    • Reply by DebbieA

      Lovely cards. Well done! 🙂

    • Reply by Thecraftygirl

      Aww thanks Debbie. 😊

    • Reply by Tita

      They are beautiful I love bright cards 😊

    • Reply by Thecraftygirl

      Thanks Tita, I do love rainbows!

    • Reply by Vinyet

      Beautiful job. I like them.

      • Reply by Thecraftygirl

        Thanks honey. You seem like you have plenty of h
        obbies too!