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Nyroco Posted 8 months ago
Is there a demand for caribbean fusion food in herefordshire

Feedback please

I’m looking to provide home cooked food collection service, bespoke, created with love and attention with quality ingredients. It’s all about the taste.

Please review some of the food in this post, link below, and give me your thoughts on what would float your taste buds. Or like me, do you want to be surprised……but knowing that you will not be disappointed.

I will cook and seal weekly fresh food, you collect on your way home, after a long week, reheat at home. Not new, but the foodvtaste experience will be. Vegetarians catered for too.

Worth a punt,

Image is my vast and varied cooking journey. Caribbean is niche right now, and that’s good, but I also want to offer variety.


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    • Deleted User 12th September 2021 at 10:18 am

      you can always try Tortuga’s in worcester . Friar St.

    • LivelyTony 12th September 2021 at 11:34 am

      I do not think you will much like my reply to you but it is my view and I think that you should read it and add it to your thoughts.

      Firstly, I am a foodie and travelling and eating out are my main hobbies. I usually eat out at least 2 or 3 times a week. I like most kinds of food and write reviews of interesting places that I visit. I do not like dining alone and try to take a lovely lady wearing a nice dress to entertain me and to help me to assess the food and hospitality.

      My experiences of Caribbean places is that ( in the UK ) something seems to be seriously wrong with how they are run. Either the food is to a very poor standard or most often the service is very poor which ruins the meal.

      I have only been to one ( at Camden Town ) where I would rate the food as good. But it is mostly a bar and a very crowded bar and the noise and crowding spoils any enjoyment of their good food. I do not know if they are still going but I expect they are as it would have been very profitable on account of so many drinking there.

      My views are apparently not just mine as most Caribbean restaurants I see are mostly empty and many close after a year or two. I never went there, but the Singer Rusty Lee opened one in Birmingham and although quite expensive was I think very successful.

      I do not much like hot take away food as I like to experience the enjoyment of eating out. So I am not likely to be buying any of your chilled or frozen food.

      I rather think you might be better selling it hot and delivered. But obviously that needs more organisation.

      So I wish you luck with your idea but I am not so confident that you will achieve the sales you hope for.

      • Nyroco 12th September 2021 at 9:18 pm

        Thank you for your honesty and I can agree that in the past, and still some places now, food and or service was questionable for caribbean food.

        The issue is often consistency and quality and sullen faced service lol. However, people who are serious about food, whatever style, realise Joe public will not pay for rubbish (though I do think fast food is rubbish).

        Caribbean or fusion food, doesn’t mean hot lol…..average cooks mask cheap cooking with too much heat. Not my style.

        I’m not trying to set the world on fire or make a million. My aim is to build a small regular clientele based on quality and reliability. The worst that happens is me family eat well for a few weeks lol.

        I have thought of a pop up in the local village hall, if allowed. …..once I establish a good reputation…….look forward to you and your lady coming along ….

        Thank you again, I like honesty.

        Don’t give up, there are some good food offerings out there, above the norm….

    • LivelyTony 14th September 2021 at 1:24 pm

      Last Sunday I went to Bournemouth for one night and carefully selected a restaurant, a Tamil/Sri Lankan one.

      The reviews did say they had service and kitchen problems so I was not unprepared.

      The hotel was booked through booking.com and they honoured their overnight rate but NOT the breakfast cost they had quoted. In the morning a helpful lady at reception seemed to misunderstand the problem and ended up giving two breakfasts for one ( overcharged ) fee.

      At the restaurant, it was fairly full but gave us a table and came to take the orders for the food. About 12% of the menu items were not “available” which rather implied they were precooked, frozen and reheated to order. But that is not expected in that kind of cuisine.

      The prawn dosa had just TWO half prawns! The Goan prawn curry did have four prawns though! Both dishes were quite tasty.

      I ordered a large glass of wine but the one that came was very small. At least when the bill came it only charged for a small glass!

      The lady had gone to the trouble of wearing a nice saree for the restaurant. But it was a little restrictive for dancing when back at the hotel.

      Now I have to decide what to write in my reviews of the hotel and the restaurant.

      • Nyroco 14th September 2021 at 2:05 pm

        Always the truth, balanced with unemotional facts. And don’t forget some images lol.
        Had a most forgettable meal at Miller and Carter in brum Sunday. How can fish and chips be so average. I am considering my words too.