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  • Is it ok to not want to do nothing?

    Seems adverts and even these sites makes me feel like I should be doing more things in my life!! But really content with just walking the dog and pottering around in the garden 🤔

    Posted by Shirlann
    • Reply by Fluff

      You are your own person. As long as you are content with what you are doing, there is no issue. 🙂

    • Reply by bri62c

      Social media does tend to give the impression everyone is constantly “achieving”. It’s a false impression. As Fluff says, it’s fine to be happy doing whatever you’re doing. Don’t let anyone else make you feel bad or inadequate.

    • Reply by Kev-kev

      Listen to ‘Busy doing nothing by Bing Crosby’ – Enjoy!

    • Reply by Vixster

      Yes and those of us who like doing “nothing” just don’t brag about it cos we don’t need to constantly be on line.

      • Reply by Lel

        I haven’t been near FB in over 6 weeks…… And frankly….. I haven’t missed it one bit!!!!!

    • Reply by loislane

      Absolutely fine to do nothing or potter about. People who always say they’re busy are just after a medal.
      I don’t let ads influence me.
      Your life shirlann, do what you want to do.

    • Reply by Kitty1969

      Definitely, some people live their lives at speed, others potter. I am happy to potter about and have quite enjoyed the slower pace that lockdown has brought to us.
      You are your own person and you should do what makes you happy.

    • Reply by Lel

      Agree with all of the above!!! I still work full time, and can’t wait for weekends to do “nothing”… I will do my housework on a Friday either before or after work, so that my Saturdays and Sundays are free!….hubby and I love a stroll round our local park… We would go into town before this Covid nonsense on Sunday mornings… I honestly do not miss friends… Happy with my own family and 2 cats. I pubbed and clubbed when younger, and its all out of my system now… Far happier at home….if I choose to wander around- lovely…. Also, if I choose to potter around the house doing nothing, thats fine also! I love my introversion…. I enjoy my own company, and do not suffer from FOMO one tiny bit!!!!…… (Fear of missing out, btw) 😊

    • Reply by Gill B

      Absolutely if that is what brings you contentment. Actually, I think it’s a good thing because you aren’t then yearning for something to happen or someone else to bring you joy in life. It’s actually a mentally healthy way to be in my view!

    • Reply by Lel

      It’s the simple things…. Walking your dog, and spending time in your garden sound perfect to me!….all these busy, sociable, effervescents probably have nothing more than sore heads and empty wallets anyway!!!

    • Reply by Margaret B

      As long as you are happy that’s all that matters

    • Reply by Gw

      Do you mean you want to do something?

      • Reply by Shirlann

        Not really but feel like I should 🤔🙃

    • Reply by Purple boots

      I do almost the same but go walking with my friend instead of a dog as I don’t have one but will hopefully be looking after some soon as I’m a pet sitter and it looks like people will start going away again in a few months.

      • Reply by paulinevaughan2015

        People are definitely starting to go away again. I’m off on a cat sit at the end of the month.

        • Reply by Buds mum

          Love your hair!

        • Reply by Purple boots

          Your hair is fabulous, I’m so jealous

      • Reply by Sandyg

        I used to be a member of Trusted Housesitters.com
        what a great way of a combined holiday/dog fix!

    • Reply by PhilB

      You are your own person: no-one is looking over your shoulder marking you. Do what you want to!

    • Reply by Debskidoo

      It’s great you do what you want to do, in our age bracket, it’s ok to say No or Yes to others but equally important to masters/mistresses of our days. You go, girl !!!

    • Reply by Goggit

      Gardening , dog walking, you are doing things. The things that work for, and matter to you x

    • Reply by Colin in Kent

      All of those things are done with the intention of reaching contentment in ourselves and our lives. It sounds like you’ve already found what makes you happy and at peace. Ignore the siren calls saying you should do more, you don’t have to ‘fill the unforgiving minute’. Just be happy being you!

    • Reply by adeliza0165

      Everyones different – some are like wind-up toys and have to keep going all the time. Maybe it’s part of their competetive personality, or they have a high energy drive or it’s a distraction from something else going on. Others don’t want stress and drama and want to live a calm, relaxed and uncomplicated life…taking everything in and enjoying the simple pleasures…

    • Reply by Sandyg

      Not want to do nothing. means you do want to do something. ..
      If you mean, OK to want to do nothing, yes of course it is, if you can do so without feeling bored and dissatisfied with life.
      But you are right in that the pressure seems there to be doing something worth announcing!
      I often find days have gone by with nothing worthy of mention,but iv been busy nevertheless!

      • Reply by Shirlann

        That’s what I mean every where you look seems there are uplifting stories of people our ages doing wonderful things that can make me think I Should be doing more 🤔🙄😁

    • Reply by Buds mum

      Go with the flow of your true self! If your happy doing what you like, then keep doing it. I do what I like because life’s too short to be doing stuff to keep others happy.

    • Reply by JenfromLeam

      It is definitely ok to do nothing. I learned a valuable lesson from a now, sadly deceased, friend who instilled in me that it was not only fine to not want to do anything but more importantly not to feel guilty about it. We all need those lazy days from time to time so just enjoy….

      • Reply by Gw

        Totally agree. Its easy to do nothing but not so easy to do nothing without feeling guilty.

    • Reply by DaveNorwich

      Hell no, Its ok to not do what ever makes you happy 😊

    • Reply by Shirlann

      I do help in family fish and chip shop most days so not completely free😁just don’t have the need to learn new language or travel the world!!