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  • Is anybody getting a job when we have a pandemic?

    As we are in the middle of this awful pandemic – Coronavirus, is anyone getting a job?

    Posted by mayorcaroline8
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    • Reply by davidlarbert

      I left a job back in February. I had moved to it for altruistic reasons as I neared the end of my career and it did not go the way I had planned. So effectively I retired before I was quite ready. I applied for a job just as lockdown came in (3 days per week) and got an interview – subsequently put on hold due to lockdown! Since then I have had a telephone interview for a Coop Community Pioneer which I saw on restless with another next week. In the meantime I have been using the skills learned in my last job to set up zoom meetings and I have been leading mindfulness sessions for beginners as I study an online course in mindfulness by Tara Brach and Jack Kornfield through the University of California. I see keeping busy as showing an employer that I am a doer and would get off to a flying start if they took me on. Its a cliche but since I stopped work I have been just as busy in enforced retirement! I am keen to see how I can use my transferable skills to do something different from the health promotion work and teaching that I did before. I think I am lucky in being able to do so from a position of relative financial security but I will have to bring in a small salary from somewhere in the next few years. 61 years young ;¬)

    • Reply by barbara-bradshaw

      Hi, I would also be very keen on hearing about remote home working. Currently at home  to health condition and have many years experience in customer service/admin/secretarial work as well as childcare work. I am 62 and cannot access my pension until 66.

      Many thanks

    • Reply by aitchfitz

      I’m in a similar situation Christine. Looking for remote working opportunities, as I am recovering from a series of hip replacement operations and have not been able to walk or drive for the past 18 months. (Don’t ask!!). I’ve had to access my pension early as I don’t qualify for any benefits. I’m desperate to work, as there’s only so much daytime TV one can take. I have over 15 years experience working within the local authority sector dealing with complaints, ranging from homelessness and housing issues, to environmental health and planning queries. Essentially I like dealing with, and helping people, which makes my current isolation even more unfulfilling.

      I’m new to all this, and would appreciate any guidance or input.

      Many thanks in advance, and best wishes to all in these weird times.


    • Reply by chrisstephenson7

      Peterlaw23 hi Peter you couldn’t ask your friend could you what companies do the work from home jobs please as I am really desperate for a work from home job as not supposed to go out and due to I’ll health can’t do physical work anymore am 61 but don’t get my pension till 66 and can’t claim any help. But don’t want to anyway I just want to work. I would really appreciate it

      Warmest Regards Christine

    • Reply by katiebarrett1965

      I recently supported a young woman who has never had paid work and done lots of voluntary work in care homes, to get her first paid job.

      Because of the lockdown and the pressure on care workers, a careers professional had the presence of mind to match willing candidates with care homes in the county. With support, this person has realised a long held dream, and been able to help out a care home struggling without its full staff complement. This win:win is something of a silver lining and although the recruitment process was rightly rigorous ( telephone and socially distanced interview) this young woman has been given an opportunity she may not have had in ‘normal’ circumstances. Don’t give up hope .

    • Reply by peterlaw23

      Hello again,

      Just one further point, a friend of mine does market research from home and has looked at changing to customer relations for a couple of companies – working from home so, there are probably some of those types of jobs about but I think it is tough when having to self isolate because of heath issues. I wish you good fortune. And, with a little bit of luck lock down will ease soon.


    • Reply by katiebarrett1965

      I also supported a friend who had been searching for a role for some time, with an online interview and presentation and she got the job! I was delighted.


    • Reply by sparklinblue2

      Yes they certainly are.a friend of mine starts her new job on Monday! 🙂 Like any other time job searching requires a plan and organisation. Not only did I help her but part of the service my company provide is to help people who are being made redundant do this.

    • Reply by peterlaw23

      I would imagine the answer is yes! Just look at the huge numbers of volunteers doing important jobs in the community. In addition, there many thousands returning to work after retirement or leaving their profession and I would imagine these people are returning to paid work.

      • Reply by mayorcaroline8



        Thank you for coming back to me.  What you say is correct.

        However, my husband has to self isolate and so do I  because of underlying health conditions (I should have said that in my first post!).  There do not appear to be viable jobs he can go for with job agencies.  Restless, have not sent me any vacancies since lockdown!

        Stay safe, stay well, stay positive

        Caroline Mayor


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