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  • Introducing myself and future career change.

    Hi All,

    I am 65 years old and retired from a major telecom company in the uk after enjoying a very rewarding and satisfying career of 38 years. I have a huge amount of experience and recently I have applied for several jobs posted on Restless but have only achieved one interview. I am considering retraining and looked at several offers of reduced cost for training to a professional status. My concern is that after I  complete 1 to 3 years of retraining that I will then be 67-69 and I will not secure any work as a freelance councillor and I will have wasted my time and money.

    Andy Mc

    Posted by andymcp500
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      Hi Angela,

      Many thanks for your comments and ideas in respect of my concerns for retraining in a new career. I will investigate further the options I am considering. Once again many thanks.
      Andy McIntyre-Pell

    • Reply by pinkgekko

      Hi Andy

      There does appear to be a growing need for councillors.  Often there are news reports of those in need of talking therapies waiting for months before gaining access to these services.

      Before you give up on the retraining idea on the assumption that you would not be able to get work, where can you go to talk to practicing councillors who may be able to give you a perspective on future employment/freelancing options.  e.g. have you connected with councillors on LinkedIn, found Facebook community groups to support councillors, talked to those who deliver the training.

      I myself am re-training and it was helpful to talk to as many people as I could find to give me a rounded view of the current situation and the way the field was moving before I took the leap.

      Wishing you luck


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