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  • Introduce yourself in the London Group

    Let other members know you’re here! What’s your name, where do you live, and what are you interested in?

    This is a hub to meet new people in your local area – where you can make local recommendations, arrange events, suggest things to do, discuss places to visit, or anything you like that’s local! It’s your group, so please do feel free to start a discussion today.

    We’d also love to get your feedback about what you’d like from your local Rest Less group. We launched this recently and we plan to do lots to improve it – so please do have your say below and help us to build this into something special!

    Posted by mark-e-mark
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    • Reply by EugenaK

      Hi everyone, I’m Eugena and I live in South West London. I love to write all sorts and especially (believe it or not) business/formal letters (I know I’m crazy!!), but this is just because I have written those types of letters for the majority of my working life! My family means the world to me! Always up for a virtual chat.

    • Reply by Stokey56

      Hi thanks for accepting me into your group.. I’m looking forward to this new way of communicating with the wider community😊

    • Reply by Anonymous User

      Hello, London group. I’m Bellis. I’m 51, and I live in North London. I’ve just joined Restless, and I’m looking forward to being a part of a new community.

    • Reply by LesleyA

      Hi I am Lesley from west London. 50 years old. Recently been made redundant so primarily using Rest Less for employment tips and financial advice. Love cycling – road, gravel & mtb. Out on the bike a lot at the moment – its a good way to de-stress from my old job and an excuse not to work on my CV. Would love to be able to speak Italian 🙂

    • Reply by Charlotte Davies

      Hi I am Charlotte I run a social enterprise Fit 2 Learn CIC and work with people of all ages showing them how to use their motor skills, sound processing and visual processing together more efficiently. This is my Tedtalk (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OVcZZ0s48Zs) which is about children’s development, but the same processes are true throughout life and are important for fending off old age.

    • Reply by lam5909

      Good Morning,

      I live in South West London. Retired Medical Secretary. Started doing some Dj in nightclubs before lockdown. I am looking to work from home and still collecting my Vinyls. I don’t mind being at home, I find lots to do. Playing records, doodling, cooking (I’m vegetarian going vegan), overdosing on Netflix, and Midsummer Murders. I also read autobiography and romance.


      SW London

      • Reply by mark-e-mark

        Hi Lorna, sounds like you have some of the same passions as me – in particular music and food (and yes, Netflix!). Awesome that you were DJing, what kind of stuff do you play? I always love to see record collections – maybe you could post some of your favourites on the Art and Culture group and say why you love them! Platforms like this can be a great way to get introduced to new things, or to share what you love with others.

        I have a few but don’t have a record player at the moment. But plan to get one and start building up more of a collection – digital can be great but it’s not the same as having the physical album and artwork to look through.

        Thanks for introducing yourself, I hope to hear more about your passions in life. 🙂

    • Reply by sandria.leggett

      Good morning from Richmond upon Thames… I love walking, yoga, Pilates, art (watercolour now), reading, knitting (yep, I do my own designs) and learning Italian (you never stop!).  Anyone living nearby wanting to get together to socialise let me know (especially if you want Italian conversation)… Sandria 😉

    • Reply by runkirya

      Hi I’m Teresa, live in south London. I’m an artist and would like to meet others for coffee, chat,walk, art…..

    • Reply by Mawuli

      Hi, my name is Mawuli, I am a natve of West Africa but have lived in London for over 30 years and counting. I enjoy music(Jazz, late 70s and early 80s funk and RnB, Blues, African music and some Rock).

    • Reply by Lionheart

      Hello, I’m Richard from NE London. I am semi-retired and enjoy walking, running and cycling, singing, theatre visits and classical and choral music concerts. I’m interested in all things environmental and am very active online.

    • Reply by bvpainter

      I am Bernie Victor and I live in South East London. I am a painter with a long time addiction to modern jazz. A keen member of the local U3a so I am not looking for companionship.

    • Reply by Nishadomadia

      Hi i am Nisha from east London

      anyone from this area wanting to meet up for coffee ; walks ?

    • Reply by Adeline

      Hi, Adeline from north London. I’m a psychotherapist/hypnotherapist. With many interests and a penchant for for travelling and taking photos with my smart phone, life is never dull. I wonder whether there is a walking group which I can join?

      • Reply by lifecoachingandcolours

        Hi, I live in North London and am a Transformational Coach and Colour Therapist.  I’m thinking of starting a walking group (nothing too strenuous).  Anyone interested?  Tricia

        • Reply by Adeline

          Hi Tricia

          If you are starting a walking group I would be interested. But i don’t drive, would that be a problem?


        • Reply by USHA

          Hello, I am in Barnet and looking for people to wakk with. Let me know if you get a group together.

    • Reply by Munsy

      I try again, this big city can be a big and lonely place.  Anyone out there has times when they feel lonely or bored.

      When is it baddest time for you. I will be having a bad night tonight,  Sunday evenings are the worse for me.

      I know London is a big place and maybe it need a subdivision as well  as a London group.

      I have asked before are there any people who would like to meet up. We can workout where and when if people are interested.


    • Reply by merrieonthemove

      Hi there

      I’m Merrie.  I live in Borough and, after a 40 year delay, am finally doing a fine art degree at The Art Academy in London, SE1.  If anyone is interested in being creative and joining a very enabling and friendly art school they have a very varied offering including weekends and evenings.

      I’m happy to join the community too.  Always interested in life.


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