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  • Inspiring walk in Ruff Wood

    Despite having studied and worked in the Ormskirk area for many, many years and having lived in the vicinity for even longer, it was the first time I had ever visited Ruff Wood in Ormskirk. It was a delightful place; I took a few photos and, not surprisingly, it has now become a landscape painting. The double bonus is that I can use it for the watercolour painting classes that I will shortly be able to start in Ormskirk and neighbouring Scarisbrick.

    Posted by ArtistAngela
    • Reply by Carol.L

      I went to Edge Hill Angela and had digs at the bottom of Ruff Lane in my second year so know the wood well!

      • Reply by ArtistAngela

        I studied at Edge Hill as well, and later worked there, but somehow I never got to Ruff Wood. I’m glad I have done at long last.

    • Reply by Ianfrancis

      Reminds me of Childwall woods by me, great talent you have.
      My drawing of trees looks like a thin pole with curly hair.

      • Reply by ArtistAngela

        Thanks for the compliment but I’m sure you are doing yourself a disservice in your description of your trees. So many people find them difficult, but it’s like everything else, it is drawing or painting exactly what you see and not what you think should be there – people try painting in every leaf, but you can’t see every leaf, just clusters of varying shapes and shades of green, so that’s what you paint. Also some want to paint the whole tree yet when you are fairly close to them, you can only see the bottom half; if you can see the whole tree then you are stood far enough away not to be able to see every detail of every branch, yet people put that level of detail in which brings it into the foreground instead of being in the background and then things start to go wrong or look wrong. Keep on drawing and painting – it’s fun and relaxing.