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Daisychain Posted 8 months ago
Inside Health podcasts on BBC Sounds

I was listening this afternoon during my walk. I was very surprised when I heard that Britvic were sponsoring Diabetes UK. It was part of a discussion about the way huge multinationals influence public policy. Apparently Public Health England and a charity dealing with drinking alcohol to excess are sponsored by the alcohol industry.

What a very strange way to pay for public health initiatives! It goes some way to explaining how Weight Watchers in their current incarnation are delivering diet advice for diabetes, even though the advice they give for weight loss is not the same as dietary advice for control of diabetes Type 2.

Anyway, it’s an interesting listen.

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    • Deleted User 29th September 2021 at 11:48 am

      I agree it is rather strange. I don’t have much knowledge about diabetes type 2 ( daughter in law is type 1 though ). Britvic brings to my mind high sugary drinks so it does seem somewhat of a big contradiction.