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  • Im new to this group anod want to meet new people, im Lesley and live southeast london by the cuttysark in greenwich.


    Posted by Lesleykaren
    • Reply by shaun.bonner84


      I’m not too far away in Bexleyheath and regularly cycle down the Thames Path to Cutty Sark.

      • Reply by Lesleykaren

        I have a bike but not ridden it for a few years I’m interested.

        • Reply by j.patricia.s.63

          Hi my name I Jacquelinei am new to the group I would like to meet new people in Ruislip area

        • Reply by Lannie

          Hi, see my reply to Daz above. Good luck!

        • Reply by Paula’splace

          Hi Im in Twickenham not too far from Ruslip, I have family in Hillingdon and I used to go to school in Ickenham.

          nice to meet you Paula

    • Reply by Sharon

      Hello Lesley, I live in Greenwich and happy to meet up for a coffee. Take care.

      • Reply by Lesleykaren

        Yes that would be great !

    • Reply by Daz

      Hello. I’m Daz and want to meet new pple in West London. I live near Ealing.

      • Reply by Lannie

        Hi, on the top of your screen you see the button ‘local groups’. If you click that, and choose London, you can post your call there and grt a reply. That’s because this conversation is about Greenwich… I hope this helps!

    • Reply by Filmmaker

      Hi Lesley

      I live near Greenwich, would be happy to meet up for coffee sometime

    • Reply by Lannie

      Hi Lesley, I live in Plumstead but can meet up in Greenwich. Take care! Xx Lannie