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  • I’m hoping to move to Shrewsbury in the very near future once I’ve sold my home. Has anyone else done this recently and how has it been for you?

    Born and brought up in London but planning to leave the big city after periods in New York and Birmingham. Now feeling it’s time to move on after getting divorced to a place with lots of walking and a quieter life.

    Posted by james41
    • Reply by Bryony

      Hi iv just sold my house and have moved several times but am nervous this time I think it’s cause I didnt see the faults with this one ie heavy country lane.
      How are you doing moving?

      • Reply by james41

        I’ve decided that although I love the country it’s probably best that I go from city to town, hence Shrewsbury as it’s big enough for me to enjoy but small enough for me to walk to most places. Having the hills and the countryside on my doorstep is what I’m looking forward to.

        • Reply by Bryony

          Hi yes it’s gréât rural but can be extremely lonely and not advisable on your own never thought I’d say that as a country lover! Iv really felt it where I am so I’m moving to more of a community !
          Good luck in your move

        • Reply by james41

          I understand. I am fortunate I’m knowing a few people in Shrewsbury a d Church Stretton. I also plan to join some community groups. It’s not easy starting all over again. My hope is that by joining in social/community groups will make this easier when the time comes. I’ll keep you updated when I move – you never know our paths may cross 👍🏾🌞

        • Reply by Bryony

          Hi yes that’s the best thing to do is join clubs / interests I know I will when I move definitely.
          Yes keep me updated and il do the same good luck