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  • I’m a singer songwriter and front a band. This is a dream I never thought would happen at the age of 60. Never give up your dreams. I can freestyle sing to an atom. Love word-sing-play. Anybody else joined a band in old age in lige?

    Forever young.
    Wilting in the Pandemic missing singing and rehearsing.
    Settling into doing nothing is

    Posted by Joan60
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      Ive always had a passion for music, never had the patience to learn an instrument…5 years ago I took up the Djembe, and learned to play African rhythms in a group…I can honestly say its the best thing Ive ever done, I just love it!

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      Thats brilliant . I’m a singer song writer too.

      Keep living your dream

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      Not fronted a band but I took up guitar at 50 and have done progressed much further now than my previous failed attempt in my early 20’s
      It just goes to show it’s never too late to learn an instrument and if at first you don’t succeed, come back and give it another go later!
      Science has shown the old adage of “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks” is false. We have different foundations on which to try building a new skill. I for one have fewer expectations and more patience than 20 year old me. I’m more forgiving of my mistakes and more content to proceed at my own pace. Plus – there’s the internet now and so many online teaching resources! – it’s so rewarding.