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ArtistAngela Posted 2 months ago
If Vincent Van Gogh had come to Southport, this may be what he’d have seen on a starry night!

“If Vincent had Visited Southport” is a combination of the painting that I did recently of Southport’s Marine Lake at night, plus inspiration from two of Van Gogh’s famous night-time scenes – “Starry Night” and “Starry Night Over the Rhone”.
I think I had about 3 day’s notice that if any SCA members had work in the style of or influenced by Goya, Turner, Lowry or Van Gogh they could enter them into a month-long exhibition at the Bijou Cinema in Southport. It’s all part of a month-long arts extravaganza organised by Southport Contemporary Arts (SCA) and, as I have now been accepted as a member of SCA, I got notification of it.
I hadn’t got anything in their style, although Turner has influenced some of my landscape work over the years, but as soon as I thought about it, I knew which one would work: Vincent visiting Southport on a starry night!
I didn’t have time to paint it and get it dry, so I turned to soft pastels on black paper. I finished it with about 2 hours to spare to the close of the handing-in period and still had to get it framed!
About 2.30 I arrived at The ArtHouse gallery for a hand-in that closed at 3pm! I unpacked the five that were being submitted for the exhibition of SCA members’ work at The ArtHouse itself and the one for the Bijou Cinema exhibition. The five for the ArtHouse gallery included the night scene of the Marine Lake that had inspired the Van Gogh-style picture; the organiser loved them and immediately said that it must go over to the cinema as well because the two should be hung together.
The Van Gogh film is “At Eternity’s Gate” and marks the start of the Southport Arts Trail celebrations at The Bijou. The film is said to focus on the final years of the famed but tormented artist Vincent Van Gough, where he paints masterworks of the natural world that surrounds him. The film starts at 7.30pm on Monday June 6. You can book tickets on their website.

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    • Lainey Lu 13th June 2022 at 8:31 pm

      Very nice. Thanks for sharing I have starry night hanging in my bedroom, and although Im not an artist have toyed with the idea of recreating it on black paper. I will probably use soft pastels too. I’m glad you had a wonderful experience. Well done.

    • karsteele 3rd July 2022 at 4:38 pm

      Did anyone go to the Immersive Van Gogh exhibition in London. The magac of modern technology and virtual reality blew my mind. I wanted to do it all over again and again. Too complicated to really explain what it what was like, except the virtual reality which I’ve never seen before took my breath away. There are now many v.r. shows about other artists etc, but nothing beats the first time experience when you don’t know what youre going to be seeing. Wow.

    • Lainey Lu 4th July 2022 at 5:00 pm

      Oh yes, I saw it about a week ago, and it was the best, I don’t even want to try any other immersive show. It was like you were right inside the painting and so very relaxing and nice., an awesome experience.