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  • I would like to ask if anyone out there in the group would like to arrange a meet up getting to meet new friends. Relationships, companionship if so please add your name and the town city of where you are from.

    Posted by Angie…141258
    • Reply by Haighw20

      Anyone on here from West Yorkshire?

    • Reply by Teeto

      Oh yes please. My name is Toyin and I live in Leicester. It will be nice to meet up with others, as I have just joined the group.

    • Reply by Enixam

      I would love to. Live in Surrey but I love traveling so no where is too far.


    • Reply by Jacqui 26

      Hi , I’d love to meet people, locally . I am I chigwell.

    • Reply by Karen0212

      Ashbourne Derbyshire , sounds good

    • Reply by Glenville

      From Tamworth and my name is Glen

    • Reply by RestlessLouvbart

      im in Havant

    • Reply by Baljeet

      I live near Kilburn Station, London

    • Reply by Sassysarah.007

      I live in Bath in Somerset. Would like to meet female friends. My interests are going to Art Galleries, Museums, going out for meals/drinks, shopping & historical buildings.

    • Reply by Malcolm

      Hello. Just joined. Londoner.

    • Reply by Malcolm

      Sounds good. I’m a Londoner.

    • Reply by Sonny1234

      West Yorkshire here !!

    • Reply by Bev Heys

      Bury in Lancashire x

      • Reply by Wenic

        Hi “neighbour”. This is Wendy also from Bury, Lancashire

    • Reply by Annf

      Would love yo meet new people. Interested in walking, bridge and photography, non of which I very good at but love! Merseyside 🤣🤣

    • Reply by Louise56

      I’d love to meet people locally, I live in Norwich.

    • Reply by Flin

      Great Ayton ….North Yorkshire

    • Reply by Anna123

      Happy to meet up, I am in Ealing, West London

    • Reply by Mark1961

      I live in North Devon.

    • Reply by Gerard_Pi

      Great idea
      Gerard – Paignton, Devon

    • Reply by Haitch

      Hayley near Bolton. I drive so distance is not a problem. I’d gladly pick up new friends along the way for lots of us to get together. One love ♥️

    • Reply by Chantilly

      Just want to say that I have noted some derogatory reports on here regarding not being able to meet up with people.
      I have had the opposite experience, I have met two lovely ladies so far. I am meeting a 3rd today and have arranged to meet up with another two in the near future.
      If you put a date, a time and a place to meet with people in your local, I am sure there will be responses, give it a try!

    • Reply by Pozhpawz

      Hi. I’m Brenda from Stourbridge (which is near Birmingham) in the West Midlands.

    • Reply by Constance

      Great idea – I live in Surrey

    • Reply by KM

      Yes south staffs.

    • Reply by Kirsten R.

      I live in Somerset, new to this site so figuring it all out, instead of painting walls 😂

    • Reply by Helent50

      I would love to meet up with people for chats and laughs . I’m in Nottinghamshire near junction 26 of the M1

    • Reply by Longhotsummer1

      What a great idea ! Oxfordshire and Oxford is good for me .

    • Reply by aman

      Would like to meet people to share activities with in South East Wales. Walking, maybe some sort of boating… even gentle cycling off public roads.

    • Reply by Margaret 58

      I’m from Liverpool, would be nice to have a tea ,coffee and chat.

    • Reply by Beaux

      Yes happy to join in, I’m from Llandudno n.wales.