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  • I need to find temp work

    I need to find temp work during the lockdown I’m 64 yrs old and fit.   Any basic work is ok  does anyone know where I could apply.

    Posted by trishswatton
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    • Reply by trishswatton

      Thankyou for your help. I have applied to the supermarkets and hopefully will get work soon .

      • Reply by njmonaghan

        Thanks Trish. All the best for a successful search. Keep us posted. NM

    • Reply by njmonaghan

      Hi. Yes, supermarkets are top-of-the-list at the moment when it comes to ‘who’s hiring?’ Not sure how active you are online, but setting-up job alerts on company pages and job sites would be a good move. When it comes to job sites, then Indeed would be a good starting point. You can search in a specific location, and focus on temp work, and then save this search so that any new jobs that get posted are emailed to you directly on a daily or weekly basis. Happy to help on this if you have any questions. NM

    • Reply by peterlaw23


      Look at Supermarkets there seems to  be many part time jobs available with a wide range of types of position to be filled and with a bit of luck there will be one fairly near to you.

      Good Luck.

    • Reply by trishswatton

      I’ve been looking at supermarket extra staff and veg growers  so far.

    • Reply by njmonaghan

      Hi Trish. I’m in job search mode myself at the moment, and I’m sure you’re fully aware that the job market is pretty flat as recruitment for most businesses is currently ‘on-hold.’ There’s a lot of different channels out there where you might find sight of local temp work – where have you been looking so far? NM

    • Reply by joanna.bookgirl

      Hi Audrey.  Happy to have a chat 07515151886 if you’re still looking.



    • Reply by fionaadams9

      Hi Joanna, I’m looking for part time/side hustle opportunities and may be interested. Excellent computer skills. Tell me more..

    • Reply by audreywright56

      Hello Joanna, I’m also looking of temp work, have basic computer skillls and is interested to find what it is that you do?


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