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  • I need a career change but I’m about to be 62 years young. For the past 13 years I have worked within the care industry, children, the elderly and the disabled. In a time gone by I worked in retail. Does anyone have any ideas as to what I could do, using the skills I have. Much appreciated. Liz

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    Posted by bizzyliz_12
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      Hi everyone and thanks for all your feedback and ideas. As you will know, during this pandemic, most of us support workers have been working a stupid amount of hours and doing our best to keep our residents safe. I’m happy to say that so far none of our residents or staff have the virus but it has put tremendous stress, physically and mentally on all of us. This has made me realise that I have to change my career and now seems a good time. I have started a course through Centre of Excellence on fundraising, thought that would help me if I went into charity work but I still need help if anyone has time to help me. Thanks

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      Hi Liz – for a complete change (but one in which you could very usefully use your previous skills, how about training as an end of life planning facilitator?  We are a social enterprise who help people actually get their plans done (so many say its a good idea, but only 20% actually do anything about it).

      We also donate a free place to a carer for every place on a course that is sold. (Having been a carer myself I know how important managing time and money can be)

      If you’re intrigued, check us out here:  http://www.beforeigosolutions.com, or the dedicated training page is: https://beforeigosolutions.com/big-training-intensive-2020/

      And let me know if you’d just like a chat about it all, happy to do that 🙂

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      How lovely to read all about your plans and careers challenges . A host of very skilled people here . If anyone is looking to work with a Career Coach I am a qualified Careers adviser and am setting up for myself to gain private clients having worked via another Careers company for years this is my transition. I would love to hear from you. I am building up databases and plan to offer free resources as well as paid ones . My email is [email protected]. Obviously I do not want to step on restless’ toes so please delete if not allowed ! Look forward to hearing from anyone will help me greatly with client research into what people want and need . I am also listed on the CDI.net professional register Marina Delgaudio

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      Liz, before asking if anyone else has any ideas about what you could look for I think you need to decide for yourself what you want to get out of a new position. Write down what you would be looking for in a new role – e.g. will it be people facing or office based, will it be full time, part time, permanent or temporary, what level of responsibility and autonomy would you have, where would it be (i.e. within x miles), what would the salary be, and what values would the organisation have (commercial, social, environmental etc). You might want to include some issues of your own. Once you have written these down you will have a much clearer view on what types of roles might fit your requirements and the basis for your search, and guidance to others whose help you seek. I hope this is helpful. Either way good luck with your quest!

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      Would you be interested in a ‘zoom get-to-gether’ with others in the same boat.  We can share & discuss ideas.  I feel those of us with the Health & Wellbeing skills and experience have a lot to offer. Let me know if you’re keen.

      • Reply by ginamann13

        Zoom is great!  I have really used it a lot since lockdown and I think it will change the way we work forever!  Much better for the environment and if you have an online business like I do, it is fabulous!


      • Reply by bizzyliz_12

        Hi, excuse my ignorance, but what is “zoom”.


        • Reply by Michele Eckford

          Hi Liz.  On the computer a group can meet and be seen at the same time.  Just like at ‘a get-together’ when we can listen and be listened to.  If you don’t have the computer with camera, then this will work on your tablet or mobile.  You will receive an email from the organizer which gives you a link to ‘click on’ at the time scheduled.  Mxxx

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      Have you considered any of the work from home own business options? Your caring skills would sit very well within a health & wellness business and unlike traditional jobs you can start with no experience and get trained while you earn money. Let me know if you want further info. Gina



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        Please could you send me info too




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        Can you give me a bit more info Gina, sounds interesting.

        Thanks, liz

        • Reply by ginamann13

          Hi Liz  sorry for the delay, could I have your email address and I will send the information to you that way.

          Hope that is ok?


        • Reply by ginamann13

          Hi Liz

          Yes of course!  Excitingly I have just accessed mentorship and business coaching from a lovely couple who have been doing what I do for 25 years and are very experienced and I am just getting all the information sorted out that they send so can you bear with me for a day or two?  I will send as soon as possible.

          Are you on Facebook?  I hang out there a lot and be good to connect.

          What amazing weather!

          Gina x



        • Reply by monsoon1

          Hi Gina

          I am also interested if you are able to share I would be grateful


        • Reply by ginamann13

          Hi Raia

          be delighted to share the information, could I send it by email please?  So if you are happy with that, let me have your email address and I will send it over.

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      What I would say is going by my own experience. After having ill-health retirement after working for the NHS as a Medical Secretary to a Consultant and not realising how hard it would be to slot back in to work (or how long I had been out of work), I knew I wanted to do something that would interest me and got back into work through the ‘back door’ by volunteering for a charity. I started by working few hours weekly, then paid part-time and a week before my 60th Birthday employed full time work. I am now 65 next month and will be working until I am 66. The charity I work for helps the visually impaired/blind adult and child and is such a rewarding job. I work on Reception and for my CEO re fundraising. May be this might be of help if you home in on your strengths and it definitely helps if you find the work of interest. Lyn

      • Reply by bizzyliz_12

        Thanks for that. I had thought about volunteering but I hadn’t thought about it maybe leading to a job. I’m going to check it out. Thanks again

    • Reply by richardcatt48

      Hi there

      I know how you feel But firstly let me say that you’ve done so much for others that it makes me thankful there are still people like you. I have a daughter in the NHS and a son who’s a policeman and my partner is a senior nurse and they make me feel proud so a pat on the back to you. I’m in a similar position have been furloughed and looks like being the last back. I have been in international transport for over 40 years and feel like a dinosaur and am anxious as to whether I will even have a job to go back to. My advice is work out what you’re good at you seem to be a people person so look on the internet for ideas. Stay positive and keep reminding yourself that there is something out there for you 😀

      • Reply by bizzyliz_12

        Thank you, I will try. It was being a “people person”, that got me into being a carer. But now there doesn’t seem to be the time to spend time with the residents because of all the paperwork.

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          Julie my other half agrees She and my mum now sadly passed away God bless Her used to talk for hours about old style nursing and how the Matron ruled the roost lol. Now it’s all budgets. I would like to work with people talking and helping giving something back for all the people who have helped me. The last 20 years have been no bed of roses for me I can  assure you. Stay positive and take comfort in the fact you are making someone’s life better for being there for them 😀

        • Reply by bizzyliz_12

          Thanks for that

    • Reply by olukemiatijosan53

      Decide on which of your skills you are most passionate about and can be easily monetised and go for it.



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        my passion is helping others, I had thought about the admin side of things, I know all about the legislation and what goes with it but I don’t have the office skills

        • Reply by julie_lyon

          What office skills do you think you’d need?  Is there an online course you could do to gain those skills?

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