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Arnold Posted 4 months ago
I have had flying experiences that I would not put down as dreams. I have loved how I have been left feeling when I wake or come back into what we call an outer body experience. although this is a true recollection, i thought it would make a readable short story. or maybe not…

It all took place in Twickenham south east London a place I know very well.
For those of you who know Twickenham the police station is found on the London Road just down from the railway station.
Please bear in mind that this experience took place before the changes to the town centre.
I am walking along past the police station, when for some reason I found myself in the air only about 10 maybe 15 feet off the ground. I initially feel unsure at what is happening, far from being scared I am excited as I remember even in the grips of this experience that I had flown before. I found myself trying to find my balance getting used to being in the air again I settle, my arms are by my side, and I am floating, just floating in the air above the pavement; it is a surreal feeling. What do I do now? Do I paddle my legs, use my arms like I am swimming? How do I move? when I relaxed, I moved with what seemed like the grace of a bird resting on the wing, enjoying the thermals that lifted him in the air. I am now elated and taking in the view from up here. I wish you could be in my head right now, imagine how I feel, its beyond amazing, surely this is everybody’s wish, to float in the air like you were in a pool. I’m moving past the police station, there are cars going past, a bus has just passed me I am just above level with the top deck passengers, they did not see me?? there are market stalls along the road going into the main high street opposite Barclays bank. I wonder why they are there as it is usually just shop fronts. There are lots of people milling around shopping and looking at the stalls going about their day seemingly unaware that I am hovering above them, some people look up as I’m passing not because they have seen me. Or have they? Did they just think what was that I just saw out of the corner of my eye? people often look up when walking, but in this case, they do not see me. I can’t understand why everything is so brightly coloured. The whole street looks so alive from up here, I wish you could see what I am seeing, I am aware that my speed is changing, at this moment I am moving at the speed of someone walking with purpose, I feel amazing, this is brilliant, I can see the whole street, the buildings look so different from this height, as I reach the corner over the top of the traffic I start to move faster, I am now passing over the busses and people, I pass my ex brother in laws flat on Kings street, I look in the window as I pass, his former flat is above a shop I am chuckling to myself, I am aware that I feel like a child who does not know what to do with this incredible amount of excitement. I am fighting the urge to shout down and get someone’s attention, I am moving faster now, the speed is amazing, I have mastered my balance, it is no wonder birds soar and play on the wing, I know I keep saying this is amazing, but the truth is THIS IS AMAZING. I am warm and feel the blood pumping in my veins as I’m sure the adrenaline is taking over. I pass Alsford’s timber merchants on the left as I fly down Heath Road heading towards Twickenham green. I fly over the railway bridge and notice the railway tracks, the bridge is dirty and covered in rubbish, as I approach the green at the very end of the high street, I decide to fly towards Fullwell Twickenham Green is lush with grass and a couple are walking their dog I am now flying over the huge Victorian houses that furnish Hampton Road leading towards Teddington. I am astonished at how much I can see, the back gardens with outside seating, green houses, sheds, I notice the shed roofs with peeling felt, dustbin lids missing, broken toys, bicycles laying on the grass, slides discoloured by the sun. washing hanging on lines broken pathways, and people enjoying the sun. I am aware how much detail I can see as I’m passing over their houses, to much detail to write. I am aware that I now feel a little lonely up here on my own, so much to see and no one to share it with. I want to land and take in what I have just experienced. I’m a little scared and not sure why. I can’t remember landing, but I think I woke or came back to the moment. I’m in bed. I’m laying here wondering what just happened. If this was a dream, then wow. If this was an out of body experience, what a journey. To be allowed to go where I could never suggest in my wildest moment.
This experience will stay with me along with my other out of body experiences. I wish you could have come with me on that journey with me.

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    • VFP 1st October 2021 at 7:26 pm

      I love what you have written, and the fact it is in the first person present tense. I wrote the following about six years ago, which was one year after my out of body experiences ended.

      It was happening again. She wasn’t asleep, but she couldn’t move. She seemed to be floating a few inches above her body and she was terrified. She tried to scream but couldn’t make a sound until finally managing to cry out and wake herself up. She switched on her bedside lamp and fell into a restless sleep, awaking exhausted next morning.

      This continued for many years.

      She felt an odd sense of elation walking amongst the crowds through the elegantly beautiful St Peter’s Square. Entering the basilica, she was overwhelmed by its hugeness. There were countless treasures, whispering echoes, shadowy corners and dazzling sunbeams shining through myriad stained glass windows. She felt minuscule, overpowered by the magnificent icons of Catholic devotion and renaissance. Her body tingled, she could feel spiritual presence, she felt uplifted and at peace.

      In the hotel room that night, it happened again. Her weightless form floated above her body but she was not afraid. Hands clasped together as if in prayer, she controlled the path of her ascendance to the ceiling, looking down to see herself and her partner asleep.

      After this experience, she became an inquisitive night time explorer. First her transparent arms drifted upwards; she heard banging and buzzing noises. She saw the shadowy contours of her floating arms and a silver thread trailing behind her as she rose, vapour-like, to the ceiling. She felt excited and strangely euphoric in the presence of intense white light.

      Jolted awake, she saw golden sparks swirling and cascading around her and bizarre Coptic-like symbols suspending mid-air in the far corner of her room.

      Over time, her confidence grew. She wanted to travel outside but her feelings of apprehension prevented her progress. One night she was hovering in front of her closed window not daring to go further when two hands from behind pushed her forward and she seemed to dissolve through the wood and glass. Liberated, she soared above treetops and houses, higher and higher into the sky towards the stars.

      During the day, there were problems at work. Worn out from hours of commuting and pressures to meet financial targets, she was also being pursued by an old enemy, a malicious woman who wanted her job. She was used to coping as a single parent with two adolescent children, but her partner did not understand her weariness and lack of time. With no close friends or family, she felt alone.

      One night she became aware of being cradled and gently rocked by immense, soft arms. She knew she was being comforted; next morning she felt better.

      It wasn’t long before she left her partner and her job. She set up a business with a colleague and new problems replaced old ones. In bed one night, she found herself being lifted towards the ceiling. Immersed in radiant light, she said a prayer of gratitude as she ascended, dissolving through the ceiling and the roof and up towards the stars. Suddenly she was dancing on a glistening, whirling ring of gold, joined by leaping shadows in a rapturous circle of ecstasy.

      She awoke knowing God’s love.