Home Forums Jobs & Careers I have done caring for 20 years, but, unfortunatly I am having to give it up due to arthritis in my knee. I need to work, but have no experiance other than caring. Any ideas would be appreciated, Btw, I am 62 yo

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  • I have done caring for 20 years, but, unfortunatly I am having to give it up due to arthritis in my knee. I need to work, but have no experiance other than caring. Any ideas would be appreciated, Btw, I am 62 yo


    Posted by godschild1957
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    • Reply by ljsteward

      Hi, good for you to post your situation.  Great to see some good responses coming in.  What I thought about is the opportunity you have to continue what you’ve been doing by offering your services remotely.  Everyone today under the circumstances of a global pandemic is used to connecting to others via the Internet using such services as Zoom and many others.  You won’t be able to assist someone hands-on but could certainly provide assistance by understanding their needs and offering supportive ideas about how they could manage their situation as best as possible.  Even just cheering them up I’m sure would be a big benefit.  Some food for thought.

    • Reply by silkendra

      Have you thought about re-training as a counsellor as I would have thought you have good listening skills and a lot of life experience to offer? Many counsellors are self-employed. Or would taking admin job and doing voluntary work in tour spare time combined earning an income with doing some caring without the lifting?

    • Reply by collagenius1

      Hi there, I am similar to you both in age (61), and I too have been a carer for my mother-in-law and then more recently my granddaughter.

      With lock-down I felt I needed to find something to do and earn some money so I looked at and joined 3 network marketing businesses – Skin care and make-up, CBD wellness products and a utilities company/discount club.

      I didn’t like the smell of one of the key products for the skincare/makeup, and the CBD wellness products were very expensive for what they were. So i resigned from both of those straight away.

      That left the utility company/discount club which suited me as as the initial top quality “getting started” training was all done online. The company have now developed an online appointment process, which helps customers with their energy and telephony bills whilst showing them how to save money using a cashback card, really simple but very effective.

      I do hope you find something that appeals to you. Arthritis is so painful. I have an old ankle injury but I take various supplements, including collagen which does seem to help.

      Keep positive, something will turn up and as you can see from my experience, sometimes you have to try something completely different, step out of your comfort zone and then look around to find out what can work best for you.

      Wishing you well in whatever you decide.



    • Reply by Stuart


      I was so sorry you didn’t receive a response before – it’s Stuart here from Rest Less!

      I think you might surprise yourself at quite how many transferable skills you will have built up from 20 years in caring.  In my experience, it’s hard work and you need exceptional organisational and timekeeping skills. You need to be resilient and compassionate and great with people – all skills that many employers will be very pleased to have.   We pulled together an article on transferable skills recently as it saddened us that so many people don’t recognise the wonderful skills they have, and where they can be applied elsewhere – here is the article in case of use and like everything we do, we would welcome feedback on it – good or bad – https://restless.co.uk/career-advice/job-ideas/which-transferable-skills-do-you-have/

      The key thing is to focus on your transferable skills, and really highlight these in a cover letter and in a personal summary at the top of your CV.  We have some free templates on site if of any use?    https://restless.co.uk/career-advice/cv-writing-tips/

      Given rising unemployment right now and a challenging recruitment market, I can understand why you have chosen to stay in caring for the time being. Whatever you decide is the right route forward for you, just make sure you don’t underplay your skills!   The nation owes a huge debt to those in the front lines of healthcare right now – whether that’s people like yourself in care through to our A&E doctors.

      Have a lovely weekend!


    • Reply by godschild1957

      I have decided to stay with caring,but with less hours. I am quite disappointed that no one replied, but however, I enjoy reading the other posts, and if I feel I have an appropriate comment to make, I will make it





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