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  • How to sign in ?

    Ive joined Restless. Provided email address, have acknowledgement, set up password – but each time I go to Restless it asks me if I want to join !! There seems to be no means by which I can simply sign in. I must be overlooking something – but what ?

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    Posted by Tony
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    • Reply by Helen Burns

      Hi Tony. I’m sorry you’re having some issues with the sign in/up process – it’s something we’re working on. To explain – when you sign up (by giving us your name, email address and location), we’ll send you a regular selection of new and popular articles from the Rest Less website. You can also browse the site Rest Less without actually signing in anywhere – just browse away to your heart’s content. If the Pop Up pops up you should be able to X out of and continue browsing the site.

      The fact that you’ve posted on the forum means that you have now also set up a Rest Less Community profile, which is (currently) separate to your general sign up but allows you to post and interact within the forum.

      We appreciate your feedback – it’s what helps us prioritise resources for improvements. We can’t do everything immediately, but knowing what’s important (or conversely, is currently irritating or unhelpful) is a great start. Thank you.

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      • Reply by Tony

        Thanks for taking the time to reply Helen. I understand the issue now. You’ve created a wonderful resource. Well done to you and the team.
        Best wishes

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