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  • How should I go about asking for a pay rise?

    I’d like to ask for a pay rise, it’s not excessive and it will be inline with market rate I just don’t know how to go about asking my boss. Any advice here would be great.

    Posted by Lesley
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    • Reply by Stuart

      Hi Lesley, Stuart here from Rest Less.

      Does your employer have annual performance / salary reviews? If so then things will usually fit within that framework. It can be a good time to ask your employer a month or two prior to them communicating any annual rise – so they can plan it into the budget, and it will increase your chances of success. If you wait until they communicate the rise then it may be too late for them to do anything for this year

      In my mind, employers havnt looked unfavourably when I have asked for one in the past. Timing and positioning is everything though – dont do it in a rushed environment or when your boss looks stressed. Also, try and work around existing company timelines i.e. annual review cycles to make it easier for them to say yes….

      Most important thing is to outline, all the great things you have done – any increases in responsibility you have taken on. and why you feel you deserve one. It can help to script out what you are wanting to say and even practise out loud so you can deliver the ask confidently….

      This is all more applicable for the private sector of course – most public sector employers will increase salaries inline with union negotiation for everyone.

      Good luck – would love to hear how you get on

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