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  • How about different kind of holidays?

    Planning to start a small tour company.

    When ready will need assistance from people who work or have worked in the of travel and tours business.

    Posted by alka763
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    • Reply by lawsonpix

      Hi Alka,

      I’m a freelance photo-journalist, portraits, travel and documentary a specialty. If you need anything quickly, I have a number of stories with images I can let you use. Would be very happy to discuss a collaboration as I think the travel industry is going to be rather busy next season! You can view some work here : www.chrislawsonphotography.co.uk

      • Reply by alka763

        Great photos thank you. Will contact you when I need some photos for my web site.

    • Reply by coventrysky

      Hi, we would eventually like to go on a painting holiday. We move to Dorset soon so hopefully there might be something around there.

      • Reply by alka763

        THAT IS GREAT.

        I WILL look into it for you and any friends who would  be interested.

        Also I WILL be looking forward in offering safe places in Europe post Vivid that are safe for our age groups.

        One place comes to mind is is a the Island of Madeira. THAT IS  the only place that listened to WHO and put in.place all safety measures from February  2020.They recorded no deaths and all 205 cases only 2 were proven positive.

        THE autonomad region has maintained  all safety regulations.Today we have  British Airways  flying direct  to Funchal.

        They have just invested in arts and  I will search if they offer an option for tourists to.paint their  beautiful  landscape by the.ses.as well as your dil choice.


        • Reply by alka763

          As well as your hoice in the UK

    • Reply by j.okeeffe

      Hi I’m 80 years old I’ve just became a Independent travel agent working from home just something to do if anyone looking to book a holiday you can get in touch with me.  I like coach tours.

      • Reply by alka763

        Thank you. We could combine our efforts and do different holidays for a group of different people.

        May be we could save on me starting a travel agency and I could bring clients on commission basis?

        • Reply by sami2003

          Hi, i am new to this site and just noticed your message, do you still looking for the people who interested in a different holiday? I look forward to hearing from you.

        • Reply by alka763

          Hi Sami,

          I am offering holidays to Maderia where there are various festival  throughout the year ranging from tracking, rallies, flower festival international music festival and their Christmas lights that is very popular, also gastronomic events.

          These take place at various times of the year. I will be posting more details and hope to invite travellers to the Christmas Lights festival 2020.There after we should be ok to travel regularly to this beautiful pearl by the sea to take part in festivals that are appealing.

    • Reply by lynette.lloyd

      I used to be a journalist/travel writer. Email me if you are interested.

      • Reply by alka763

        Hi you must have visited many sights that most of don’t even know exist.

        Will keep in touch on regular basis.

    • Reply by alka763

      Also there are so many different events that take place every month through the whole world.It is a shame to miss these.

      All this is post Covid-19.


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