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  • How about a haiku? Share yours here!

    Originating in Japan, Haiku are short poems that allow us to express what we are feeling in a given moment. They are usually – but not always – inspired by nature or natural surroundings but they can also be funny, tender, thought provoking and sometimes, downright strange!

    The rules are really simple – use 17 beats or sounds, following a 5-7-5 syllable pattern over three lines. Here’s an example:

    Love and light filter (5)
    Green leaves shade the mystery (7)
    Tranquility bliss (5)

    Posted by Helen Burns
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    • Reply by mike bulldog200

      blue blue skies so bright

      traffic driving pass in ques

      people wearing mask

    • Reply by Pondlotus

      What’s this Restless thing?

      Anyone here in Manchester

      Looking for some fun?

    • Reply by Becky F.

      Marital isolation :

      One haiku a day

      so far ..delays homicide

      during our lock down .

    • Reply by Kate B

      Bluebells in the Woods

      A carpet of loveliness

      A shared burst of hope

    • Reply by Kate B

      Hot sun dapples light

      Dandelion seeds fill the air

      Relaxation starts

    • Reply by juleswalker

      Quercus robur, oak

      Tall tree of antiquity

      Giving life to all.

    • Reply by biltonjosephine

      Clouds dapple the sky

      The wnd sighs in swaying trees

      Birds joyfully play

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    • Reply by sandraayris

      Stillness, silence now

      Except for birds on the wing

      Singing their delight

    • Reply by michaelmccrory

      You say be yourself

      But tell who is the real me

      I am larvae waiting


      • 27/06/2020
    • Reply by biltonjosephine

      Sweet raindrops falling

      Cool air caressing my skin

      Grateful plants drinking

    • Reply by Jeanne-Marie

      Love deepens the heart

      Starlit infinite night sky

      Creator’s smile



    • Reply by Anonymous User

      Bulging grey rain cloud

      ready to unleash a shower

      Wilting flowers gasp

    • Reply by Anonymous User

      Lockdown slowly lifts

      Emerge blinking in the light

      Skies have been so quiet


    • Reply by Helen Burns

      Such wonderful Haiku!

      If you like to write
      Perhaps you should read our piece
      On haiku today

      Written by Janie Shepherd: How to use Haiku poetry for mindfulness.

      Thank you all for contributing.

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    • Reply by jilliekins


      hello, I was inspired to write this when looking in the mirror this morning!


      Lopsided fringe now

      straw and stalks where once all sleek

      Time to reopen

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