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    I was talking to some members about the house renovation that I completed recently and they were asking to see some photos of the finished product, so here you go!

    If anybody else has some interior design inspiration to share I’d love to see it.

    have you undertaken a full house renovation? How did you find it? What were the biggest surprises, and would you do it again!?

    Posted by Pete Smith
    • Reply by Rest Less Sara

      Pete what a beautiful home! I’m stealing some ideas here 😀

    • Reply by Maxine60

      love it especially the kitchen. The bathroom floor is amazing. Congratulations. 

    • Reply by JeanieC

      Wow you’ve done a great job here, lovely restful colours too 👍

    • Reply by JeanieC

      Wow you’ve done a great job here, lovely restful colours too

    • Reply by Poppy

      Great job, love the bathroom floor 🙂

    • Reply by AJB114

      Looks like a show home . Great work and design . Inspiring stuff. Do you do this for a living or DIY ?

      • Reply by Pete Smith

        Thanks, no I don’t do this for a living – I  work at Team Rest Less helping to build the website. This was a project I undertook in my own home. I do enjoy having a go at DIY though – always great to get away from the computer and to something a bit more hands-on!

    • Reply by aislinggray

      Congrats, what a beautiful home!  Love mid-century furniture, you’ve styled it very nicely.  What era is the property?  I caught a glimpse of a beautiful stone wall but can’t tell more than that!

    • Reply by Kathryn C

      I love your mid-century touches!

      • Reply by Pete Smith

        Thanks, it was really fun searching for vintage furniture on ebay, in auction houses and in charity shops. You can find some real bargains if you look carefully!

    • Reply by Jo4321

      I love your sense of style

    • Reply by Somethingshort

      Looks lovely and tranquil. Love the flooring. All easy clean, easy tidy. Like the blinds too.

    • Reply by Parvs

      Looks amazing, tranquil and peaceful. Did you do this for a living? Well done 🙂

      • Reply by Pete Smith

        Thanks, I don’t do this for a living – I actually work at Team Rest Less helping to keep the website up and running!

    • Reply by Just EJ

      Wow! Absolutely stunning… When can I move in?! (I’m very tidy, you’d hardly notice me 😁)

      Such clean, fresh lines. A lovely combination of style and your personality. Very unique. Thank you for sharing your project photos, Pete.

    • Reply by Pete Smith

      Thanks for all the nice comments everyone!

      I can’t take too much credit for this – it was really a team effort with help from some great tradespeople.

      I do undertake bits of DIY myself – but this was too big a project for one person to take on so I got professionsals in to do most of the hard work, and I just helped out by being the annoying client looking over their shoulders!

      We also worked with an interior deisgner who really helped take our tastes and ideas and turn them in to reality – helping us make decisions which we wouldn’t have though of on our own.

      It’s been a really interesting (and stressful at times) process! But enjoyable – and I think it’s given me the confidance to undertake more renovation projects myself in the future.

    • Reply by Kay61


      Your home looks wonderful!

    • Reply by Jannat

      Love it…just my style

    • Reply by Pete Smith

      To get an idea of the progress, here’s a “Before” picture of the kitchen. You can see how we introduced lots more light by opening it up and removing all the higher cupboards to make it feel larger too.