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    Is anybody out there experiencing problems relating to house move?

    Posted by Anonymous User
    • Reply by Josie The Black Country Wench

      Not now but just over 2 years ago we were on that roller coaster. It is so complicated and I am not sure it needs to be. I remember having the removers booked, all my belongings packed in boxes and the people who were buying our house and had pushed to be in before Christmas, holding everything up. It came right down to the wire in the end. Literally just 24 hours before we had too move or not. Now it is all a distant memory and we love our new home and new location.

    • Reply by Vic B

      The market is really difficult at the moment. There’s not enough houses and lots of buyers wanting to take advantage of the stamp duty holiday, and that is making it a very hot market. People are bidding over the asking price to secure the house they want, and sometimes paying more than the house is really worth so they’ll be trapped in the house for many years if they don’t want to make a loss when they sell.
      I am also having problems. Been outbid/ gazumped on 2 properties, and my buyer is expecting me to have moved by the end of June in order to be within the stamp duty holiday, but for the house I’ve now found the chain is a nightmare. There’s no way it will meet the deadline, and I can’t move to rented with 2 dogs, 2 cats and 3 hens! It’s never easy but hopefully will iron itself out if it is meant to be….
      What is the problem you are having?

    • Reply by Vicky1970

      In the process. My buyer lost theirs so was delayed. But they found one now. So hoping to be in by June.

    • Reply by StevenMorgan

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