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  • Hi there just joined, hoping for some inspiration in these bad old days lol, has anyone else lost their get up n go, I sure have, maybe when the weather brightens we all will too

    Posted by Lizz
    • Reply by Shirlann

      I did but it’s slowly coming back 😁

      • Reply by Lizz

        I run cycle and exercise, I’ve done nothing in 6mnths hope I get back

    • Reply by Amanda in Durham

      Hi there Lizz in Scotland from Amanda in Durham!

      I know what you mean about losing your get up n go, I am struggling too, but have found a few new acquaintances via Restless and had some good conversations and that has really helped me feel a lot more cheerful, I do hope you will experience the same once you have navigated your way around a bit.

      There are some Facebook pages for various Rest Less groups as well which are also fun, are you on FB?

      How is lockdown in Scotland, is it stricter than in England?

      All the best,


      • Reply by Lizz

        Hello Amanda, I think we are all the same with covid dos n don’ts, thanks for replying, yeah I’m on fb think I pressed Google by mistake lol,hope a little change in weather gets me moving, got a hol booked for a beautiful little English village in July so can’t wait for that

        • Reply by Amanda in Durham

          It’s good to have something to look forward to! I so miss travelling, but I daren’t plan anything right now, to be honest.

    • Reply by LeighS

      I think my got up and go got up and went! Having said that I am normally like this in the winter, do prefer the warmer longer days. Being a part of this community does help 🙂

      Fingers crossed by the time the Spring and Summer arrive we will be able to get out more. Who knows my get up and go might just make a reappearance, lol

      • Reply by Lizz

        Oh I hope so, and this time all the sweeter lol

    • Reply by Gem62

      Was talking to my daughter about losing the get up and go as we both feel the same. It can be difficult to start doing things again once you stop but I’ve found to just start small and work up to it is better than trying to do too much and then giving up.

    • Reply by Trish734

      I feel very tired all the time. But make myself go for a daily walk, and a phone call a day helps too. I also enjoy positive things on Facebook. I listen to audiobooks and crochet or knit. Games on my iPad. Plenty to keep me occupied.

    • Reply by Little echo

      Hi Lizz, I’m the same I think it’s the weather. The bright crisp days are cold but refreshing for a walk and it certainly helps my mood once I’m out but if its wet dull etc it’s a No,No !However, I have been listening to motivational podcasts and they help.

    • Reply by redman

      get up and go has upped and walked, the wet here dont help somerset otherwise lovely part of country pat

    • Reply by Gillw

      I would say it’s time to learn a new hobby online, could be learning musical instrument, doing family tree, whatever takes your fancy as there’s so much out there, some of it is free. Online games are good fun, I play online scrabble with real people. Ideal time to do these things now when we’re so restricted. Keeping contact with phone calls is essential so we don’t feel isolated. We’re all in the same boat – hope that gives you food for thought.

      • Reply by Lizz

        Thankyou, I’m now doing some furniture painting…. finally got round to it lol

    • Reply by Jules4jewels

      I loved working from home initially but now it just feels like groundhog day, every day. Getting a bit of cabin fever, although I do go out most days with my dogs but miss my friends and family. Where has my social life gone lol x I knit and play games on my phone when I am not working plus binge on series on Netflix , but really getting bored of it all now.

    • Reply by Lizz

      I love coben p Cornwell and Patterson have you read any Karen Rose or tess gerittson don’t know why but I haven’t been able to read for over a year now before I’d read all day into the small hrs, going to try soon

    • Reply by Summerhouse 21

      Yes, I definately have. I’m normally very active and busy. Lockdown takes away excitement and spontaneity. There’s nothing much to do , nowhere to go. I am snacking out of boredom, and desperate to get out on my bike. I think we all need our freedom soon. The Pandemic will have repercussion s
      for decades.

    • Reply by Lizz

      Yes I think the same but I’m trying my hardest to get back on track n get that healthy fit feeling back

    • Reply by Lindylootoo

      This lockdown has become seriously boring. The cold weather doesn’t help. I’m at the point of finding things to do to keep motivated – though not at the point of total boredom yet!

    • Reply by Pax

      I find some days I get up and I am ok and then on another feel bleak.
      The way I try to handle it is by going with the flow.
      I don’t fight the emotions of the day.

    • Reply by rena22

      My get up and go went.

    • Reply by Lizz

      Lol hope it comes back

    • Reply by vaughanpauline

      Yes, I definitely have get up and go problems. Having ME (post Covid) does not help.
      I like to set myself at least one task per day to do, even if its something simple like tidying a cupboard, changing my bedding or making a phone call. Sometimes I amaze myself and all the jobs on the list.

      I wish I could go swimming, which has always been my preferred form of exercise. I know that would help.

      However, recently since we started the Zoom coffee mornings and Supper club I thin my get up and go is returning! It helps when you have new friends to talk to each day.