Home Forums Women’s Health Hi my name is Vitória and I’m Brazilian, I am in troubles with the symptoms to menopause, anybody have good tips for this?

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  • Hi my name is Vitória and I’m Brazilian, I am in troubles with the symptoms to menopause, anybody have good tips for this?


    Posted by deuzenitacerqueira
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    • Reply by ginamann13

      Hi Vitoria

      Some great advice already given.  Of course we are all different and what works for one person will not necessarily give such a good result with someone else.

      I have a 5 Steps to a Better Menopause guide I am happy to share if this would be of interest?

      I had a very difficult time which I now know was exacerbated by my drinking (6 years sober now) and I wish I had been given the tips I am offering you!

      Take care


    • Reply by Kirsten Quinn

      I had an early menopause brought on by treatment for breast cancer, so no HRT for me. I found limiting spicy food, sugar and removing alcohol from my diet works for me but that may be a personal thing. I also find swimming works for the joint and muscle pain. I changed my skin care too and that helped with the dry skin

    • Reply by moonlady

      Definitely do the Evening Primrose Oil, highest dosage you can find. I also took something called black cohosh, which definitely helped with the hot flushes.

      I tried HRT, but it made my personality change for the worse (according to my husband!) so gave it up after a couple of months.

      Keep hydrated, and always, always, carry spare underwear and sanitary protection. I actually changed to using a Mooncup for the final 2 years of my periods, and would recommend this.

    • Reply by kim.baker99

      I had breast lumps that were hormonal- and I was very moody. Specialist who checked breasts (eliminated cancer) said to take massive dose evening primrose oil. took 10 a day until periods stopped . unbelievable difference: no lumps, no mood swings and feeling of coping.  HRT made me vicious- daughters made me stop!

      • Reply by Edward

        Hi, Breast lumps and fibroids can be alleviated with Lugols iodine in pure water up to 50mgs per day. That resolves to 3 drops of 15% Lugols and also take a quarter teaspoon of sea salt in a glass of water. Also necessary is selenium and this can be taken as 3 Brazil nuts or indeed supplements ….That’s everyday. Very easy to take as it resets the endocrine system and hence hormones. Hope this helps.

      • Reply by janetmarris3

        Im with you on this 1…primrose oil and starflower (borage) stopped my very heavy periods…after 1 year i stopped taking evening primrose and within a week my period came back.. started straight back on evening primrose and they stopped…too good to not to try Vitoria …best of luck

    • Reply by marina

      I have some recommendations Facebook Groups;

      Maria Wybrow Menopause Coach, Speaker and Author. She is very informative and helpful . Check her out on FB

    • Reply by bronwen_dh

      Yes natural is always best but didn’t work for me unfortunately. However as the other lady said, dietary changes and exercise are a huge help.

    • Reply by lisa

      Hi Victoria


      I have been through menopause myself and I have worked in the menopause space for the last two years which was a journey started because I was also struggling and looking for relief. What I have learned in my journey is that whether you take HRT or not the foundations of your diet and lifestyle can make a huge difference to your symptoms being improved. I can point you to lots of helpful information which has helped me to remove 99% of my symptoms. Please reach out if I can help at all.

      • Reply by jcoxg

        Hi Lisa I would be very interested to hear how you removed 99% of your symptoms? I suffer quite badly from mood swings/depression definitely worse since menopause started, I don’t want to take HRT 😊

    • Reply by bronwen_dh

      HRT 😉

      • Reply by deuzenitacerqueira

        Hi, I already take it but still hardly 😊

        • Reply by deuzenitacerqueira

          muscle pain, decreased sexual desire, sadness

        • Reply by bronwen_dh

          Maybe the dose needs increasing? Depends what your symptoms are?

        • Reply by deuzenitacerqueira

          Already increased. I want to try natural treatments 👍thank you to your attention

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