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Woody57 Posted 2 years ago
Hi. My name is Matthew, although most people call me Matt. I lived in Shotgate, Wickford for about 30 years and spent much of my professional life working at Runwell Psychiatric Hospital. Im into music, especially radio and keeping fit. I cycle everywhere and rarely drive despite being a mechanic.
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    • Nickystar 16th November 2020 at 11:01 pm

      Hello Matthew,

      I am new here. Having trouble trying to create my profile just now. I filled it all in and it came up with error.

      I live in wickford, we have been here 16 years. Nice little town but needs more things here. You lived here for a while. You worked at Runwell hospital for a while. It’s very rewarding looking after people and can get emotional at times. Don’t even know if the hospital is still there now.

      What music do you like and do you sing?

      I have tried a few times tonight to set my profile up and comes up with error.

      I’m Nicky

      I like cinema, countryside, picnics,  museums and military museums.

      I love making home-made greeting cards for family and friends and I love to sing.

      • Woody57 19th November 2020 at 7:08 pm

        Hi Nicky

        I wasn’t expecting anyone to reply! I’ve lived in Wickford for over 30 years and quite like the place.

        The old Runwell hospital is long gone and is now a massive housing estate. There is however still a hospital on the site, however, it’s a forensic mental health unit so those patients in there are from the criminal justice system.

        I like all kinds of music and I am a member of the Rock Choir, although it’s not running at present because of the virus. I can’t be doing all the online choir practice, it’s just not the same as belting your heart out in a big choir.

        I’ve been a single parent for the last 10 years, although they are now growing up (16,18 & 20). I’m a cyclist, I go to the gym when it’s open.


        • Nickystar 19th November 2020 at 11:30 pm

          Hi Matt,

          Please to meet you.

          Wow you have been here a while. We have lived in Wickford for 16 years. Yes it’s a nice place to live and it’s quite.

          A housing estate wow, I bet they must be nice.

          So that’s the only thing they have left the mental heath unit. That place is so old isn’t it?

          Your in the Rock choir how about that. I went to watch the Rock choir when they did a charity event at the school down Grange Ave and it sounded great. I was singing along in bits and pieces of what I knew. Good for you. How long you been singing for?

          I started off joining the Dove singers when I first started singing and songs from musicals etc. There was only me and a couple others that was the youngest there. It was amazing when the first concert happened, the feeling you get afterwards was just amazing. Singing does something to you. My friend from America has been singing a long time and has been teaching me on Skype how to read music etc. That was a ladies choir lovely ladies. It’s all changed now .

          Once before when it was the 100 years since the war, the concert was amazing. Some songs from the trenches like Good-bye Dolly, When this lousy war is over etc some spiritual songs like Swing Low sweet chariot, Steal away to Jesus and Deep River. Songs from West side story etc.

          I have been singing for 4 years but the problem now is I haven’t sung for a while because of the lockdown since March. My friend told me to think of the vocals as an elastic band, the more you play with it the easier it becomes plus warm ups.


          That’s wonderful you have children they must be your world.

          Cycling is good, I can’t remember the last time I cycled been a while. This year we looked on eBay and there was people selling their fold up bikes. That’s great as we don’t have much space in the flat. We got them and they seem nice. Got to try it out again and I’m sure the saying goes that once you ride a bike you never forget.

          It’s getting late so it’s off to sleep. Take care

    • Woody57 26th November 2020 at 9:30 pm

      Hi Nicky
      Sorry for the delay getting back, but this site doesn’t tell you when you have a reply.
      I’ve been with Rock Choir for a couple of years, although it’s been over 6 months since we last got together. I can’t get into the online singing, it’s just no fun. Although Rock Choir is fantastic, it’s a bit expensive at £25 a month and it follows ruffly the school timetable so you lose 20 weeks a year with the holidays.
      Your choir sounds good! I love the musicals. South Pacific, Oaklahoma and and all the others?
      You should get a bike. It keeps you fit and it’s cheap, and it warms you up on these cold mornings.
      I’m an HGV (big truck) mechanic so I work outside most of the time and it’s starting to get chilly now.
      Good news about the lockdown ending! I have no idea what difference it makes?

      • Nickystar 16th March 2021 at 10:33 pm

        Hi Matt,
        How are you?
        It sounds like a lovely choir but it’s too dear for me couldn’t afford it. I have seen a couple of video clips
        I love the Musicals the best and I wish it was possible to only sing mainly them.
        Same with you rehearsals have been on hold a long time since the Covid.
        I try to sing at home with the sheet music I’ve got so can still keep it going.
        What about you? I also have seen different little ones people advertise.

        Got a fold up bike finally but can’t use because of my elbow. So have to wait. I see the surgeon again tomorrow might have to operate again on it. HGV Truck driver ok in nice weather but can imagine must be terrible in winter. You been doing that a long time?
        Take care