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  • Hi I’m new to this site.

    Hi My name is Julie I am 64 years old and retired Early from a career in teaching and being a head at Christmas 2018. It seems a lifetime ago and I have kept very busy since then. Doing loads of travelling around England with my husband Peter and my two hairy boys Dexter and Charlie. This site is just what I have been looking for and I am looking forward to spending time discovering all it has to offer. I feel that a lot of views and perspectives have changed since lockdown and maybe it’s time to change direction who knows! I attach a photo of my boys just because they are cute lol.

    Posted by julie.cragg
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      Hi my name is Paul, and am 57. I am Ex RAF, And have been working in the hospitality industry for over 30yrs. Am about to be made Redundant, from my current employer. Any advice please.

    • Reply by fellacook

      Hi I am new to this site too just discovered it . I love your dogs. I have always had a dog but now living in a new flat they are not allowed so will really miss not having one. My two children have beautiful collie dogs so will still have dogs in my life.

      • Reply by julie.cragg

        Thanks sorry I’m a bit rubbish at checking back lol

    • Reply by marina

      Welcome Julie , it’s  a great idea this site. I’m enjoying the forum and check back quite regularly for topics . All os relevant and interesting . PS . LOVE THE FURRY BOYS

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      • Reply by julie.cragg

        Thanks sorry I’m so slow getting back, shame I managed to post their photo on its side🤦‍♀️ Haven’t got a clue how I did that 🤯

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