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  • Hi I’m new to restless, but already learnt a lot. Do you renew your utilities? Or do you stay with the same company? If you don’t renew would you mind telling me what stops you? Thank you

    Posted by Printer lady
    • Reply by Anonymous User

      I check the latest deals regularly to see what deals are about including what cash back deals are available through Quidco.
      I used to change regularly but since changing to Avro there doesn’t seem to be any competition at the moment.

    • Reply by Vixster

      I haven’t ever changed mainly because I used to work for the electricity company and get a pension from them so happy to keep using them.

    • Reply by PeteB

      I check the market every no and then and especially when my “current” deal comes up for renewal. I stayed with one company (not one of the Big 5) for quite a few years and have just switched to another. I subscribe to MoneySavingExpert.com founded by the well known Martin Lewis and I went to their website to find my new deal. I trust them!

    • Reply by Dreamyboy

      Swap every year regular as clockwork – check all sites as well as Martin Lewis (even he doesn’t cover all companies and seems to leave some out for no apparent reason I’ve found, so I don’t completely trust him) so it’s best to have a good look around.

    • Reply by roo

      Swapping is a good thing. Nine times out of ten there is a better deal out there.
      Topcash back is a sight i use. But there are others.
      As PeteB said Money saving expert website is good gives lots of info.
      Good luck