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  • Hi I’m new and live in Sheffield


    Posted by pipg8033
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    • Reply by denise1224p9191

      Hi I’m denise and I’m from Barnsley. I had retired but due to marriage breakdown had to return to work to make ends meet till finances sorted. The future doesn’t look too good at the moment. Something to focus on maybe?

    • Reply by ianandrews1962

      Hi folks,

      I’m Ian, new on here, living just up the road from you in Wakefield but working in Sheffield. Having said that WFH 2 or 3 days a week at the moment.

      I’m in a very similar situation to Katrin, coming to the end of my career which has focussed on one particular field and I fancy having a few years doing something totally different, what that is I don’t know, but if I spot anything I’ll shout 🙂

    • Reply by InStarryLakes

      Hi, I’m Katrin. I’m new and in Sheffield too! I’m lucky enough to be still working full-time these days (medical secretary), but for some time I’ve been dissatisfied with having just a job that feels like a dead end. I didn’t exactly choose this line of work so much as fell into it, starting out as a temp and just continuing over the years. I’m not interested in being promoted to a higher-level secretarial or (ugh) managerial position. I really want to be making a living doing something more creatively rewarding that uses more of my actual skills, but giving up a dull-but-secure job is daunting, and I have no idea where to start.

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