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  • Hi, I’m Erica. I’ve already introduced myself on here a couple of months ago and one thing that strikes me is how little activity there is on this page. I joined din order to connect with others locally and so far it just hasn’t happened…or is that just me?

    Posted by Colliedog
    • Reply by Astra

      Mingle and post….

    • Reply by Scotlad

      Hi Erica,
      I’m from Central Scotland and I’ve found the same that’s why I have went into different area groups.

      Feel free to message if you feel like a chat.

    • Reply by Team Rest Less

      Hi Erica,

      Many thanks for your post and sorry about the lack of interactions in some of the local groups.

      Indeed, as “Scotlad” highlights, some groups are busier than others, it all depends on Members’ location and Astra says please feel free to get involved with other groups the Community includes: I can assure you the activities can be quite busy.

      Hope that helps.


    • Reply by Scotlad

      Hello Erica,
      How are you today?

      • Reply by Colliedog

        Hi Scotlad, sorry I’ve been a bit slow in answering. Maybe I’m the problem! The sun has been shining today and I’m feeling really quite upbeat. Thanks for asking. How are you?

        • Reply by Scotlad

          Hi Erica,
          Yes I’m good thanks. The sunshine definitely lifts your mood .It has been such a long winter and lockdown has made it even more depressing.

          I’ve managed to get out walking the past few days and I feel better for doing it.

          How are you coping with lockdown ?

        • Reply by Colliedog

          Hi Scotlad,

          Good and bad days, like everyone else I suppose. Desperate for life to begin again in earnest in June and wondering how to cope until then and only seeing people out of doors until after Easter. I’ve just ordered a patio heater which I hope will help!! Not sure how I feel about last night’s announcements. I suppose I was hoping for more in the way of meeting others indoors. I’m a bit nesh, as they say in these parts! At least I get out with the dogs to meet others and have a chat. Roll on June 21st! Do you have any plans for this year?

        • Reply by Scotlad

          Well after hearing the Scottish Government’s Road map out of Covid today I think it could be well past June in Scotland before we are allowed to see people indoors.

          No set plans yet other than getting out walking more when the weather improves.

          There seems little point planning anything until things are much clearer.
          I certainly will not be booking any holidays until next year. I dont believe it is worth the risk this year.

          Have you started getting a bit more response from others on the website yet ?

        • Reply by Colliedog

          Haha, to be honest, no! Not really. maybe I need to be a bit more proactive. I’m in a few Facebook groups that just seem to bounce along, but maybe it’s not fair to make comparisons.
          On the other hand, it may be no more than bad timing. After all, as you say, there is little point in trying to arrange meet ups until some degree of normality returns.
          I’ve got a solos holiday to Crete planned for September. When I booked it a few months ago I never thought that things could still be in jeopardy by Autumn of this year. I’ve never travelled solo before and was very reticent about doing so but once I took the plunge I began to get quite excited about it so I really hope it comes off.
          In the meantime, it’s just Tesco, walkies and decorating for the foreseable!

        • Reply by Scotlad

          Hi Erica,
          A solo holiday that does sound a bit daunting but exciting as well.
          I hope you get to go and you really enjoy it.

    • Reply by Gilly4

      Hi Erica
      I have only recently joined and pop on and off .
      Where about are you in Merseyside? x

    • Reply by Colliedog

      Hi Gilly, I will PM you. x

    • Reply by Juliie

      Hi Erica I live in Merseyside to. Only recently joined. Not sure how it all works. Will be interesting to meet new people

    • Reply by Colliedog

      Hi Julie, I will PM you.

    • Reply by Jmozz

      Hi I’m.in Merseyside but I just joined today so not quite sure how to navigate site yet. I was searching book club (unsuccessfully) and was directed to your post!

      • Reply by Colliedog

        Oh, how odd, Jmozz. I can’t honestly say I’ve mastered it yet either so I wouldn’t really be able to advise. Is Book Club about writing reviews….or didn’t you get that far? Where in Merseyside are you?

        • Reply by Jmozz

          Wirral – Heswall. No just one where you all read same book and then say what you thought of it. Members nominate a book. Didn’t find one but doesn’t matter. Will take a few goes to find my way around site

    • Reply by HelenAnt

      Hi I’m from New Brighton anyone else from around here?

    • Reply by Colliedog

      About 45 minutes away. Not a million miles.