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  • Hi I’m also alone. Have had a busy busy life now , nothing! Me the radio, which causes arguement ! Television ( yawn) and my 🧶 oh to get back the busy days

    Posted by Sylvia
    • Reply by paulinevaughan2015

      Hi Sylvia

      A lot of us know how you feel, that’s why we meet each Tuesday at 10.30am via Zoom for a coffee morning

      If you want to join just private message me your email address for a link.

      After lockdown we are planning to meet face to face


      • Reply by Sylvia

        Hello Thank you for your prompt reply. I would love to join your group
        I am sorry to say I have no idea how to zoom! Showing my age 😊
        I intend to get my son to educate me ASAP . Will contact when I’m in
        this century

        • Reply by paulinevaughan2015

          Hi Sylvia

          I am sorry to hear you can’t join us immediately.
          I promise you Zoom is very easy to use.
          If I can use it anyone can.
          We look forward to hearing from you


      • Reply by Joolz F

        Hi I’m Julie…
        Just looked at this post so obvs missed this morning’s meeting🤭…would like to join in next week if possible?

    • Reply by Sylvia

      Thank you Pauline I’m on the case

    • Reply by Sandyg

      I really need to get into Zoom as well, iv missed out on loads this past year, but working so much i don’t have the energy inbetween shifts to learn new skills !

    • Reply by Sylvia

      Count your blessings. At least
      you’re busy and employed
      I couldn’t, when I was so busy
      imagine being feeling so useless

    • Reply by Colin

      This is interesting as you use zoom, I also use WhatsApp and messenger, different friends prefer different platforms

    • Reply by Sylvia

      I use those, but this was
      suggested by a group that meet on line