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  • Hi, I have just taken on a very overgrown allotment. I will have to remove lots of building type rubble and put up a shed, greenhouse etc and won’t be rushing. What have people found to be the best organic way of getting rid of the weeds , brambles etc on a plot like this?

    Posted by Rikk
    • Reply by loislane

      Let me know when you have the answer to brambles, my garden is full and I’m shearing my way through as many as I can.

    • Reply by MrBluesky

      on the rubble, put it under the shed, saves space and helps give a foundation.
      weeds digging them out is the most organic way, Grass lift as turf and stack in an out of the way spot and cover with something that light can’t get through, oh and stack the turfs grass to grass, you’ll always have weeds; keep on top of them best you can. Gardens and allotments are never finished, so enjoy the work, take your time and rest every ten minutes; takes time just like an athlete, oh keep hydrated and a sandwich; never try to do too much at one time that leads to aches and pains and a bad back. hope this helps.

      • Reply by Renoir64

        This is 100% correct.
        A great answer.
        I couldn’t add another thing.
        Having an allotment of garden is going to be periods of hard work, there’s no way around that, but it’s also very rewarding

    • Reply by Rikk

      Thank you very much, sound advice. Does having a beer count as keeping hydrated lol

    • Reply by CaroleB

      I am trying the no dig method this year. Its been a bad year for grass and weeds. BUT I’m going to have to dig a lot of the grass and bindweed out first before covering with cardboard and compost or manure. Do you know what sort of grass is growing on your plot? If its the deep rooted invasive couch grass it will have to be dug out.

      • Reply by Lucash

        I heard about no dig on the telly.
        I cannot get anything in my veg patch to grow in the ground do I’m going to grow stuff on New earth/compost above the ground or even in planters, so a bit like no dig.

    • Reply by Buffy

      Hi I have an allotment too and tbh the best way is to dig out as much of the weeds and roots as you can, then cover with thick weed suppressant material and leave until spring. Then keep on top of the brambles etc. It’s hard work!

    • Reply by DavidF

      As others have said, the best way to clear it organically is to dig. I don’t think there is an easy way. When we got ours it was covered in bindweed and had been ploughed by the council so the roots had just been spread all over. You can use cardboard to cover the ground, which apparently is better than using carpet or other proprietary coverings and will break down.

    • Reply by Rikk

      Thanks for the advice. I am in no rush to sort things out overnight so will probably cover as much of the plot as possible and dig and weed small portions at a time. I won’t be supplying Tesco’s with veg for a while.

    • Reply by Lucash

      There is no way to get rid of brambles.
      When covid 22 takes us all then the brambles will take over the world.
      That and the bind weed.
      I’m joking but the brambles always seem to have it in for me, so many cuts.
      Be careful out there.

    • Reply by Mopsa

      Hello Rikk I took over an allotment a few years ago with docks and dandelions that were immovable . I covered them with raw manure then horticultural black plastic for nearly a year. The roots came out , some nearly 12 -18 inches( 30 – 45cm) long as clean as a whistle. The soil was also in wonderful condition. Patience is needed . Good luck

    • Reply by Baldybloke

      Hack and dig over, remove as many roots and perennial weeds as you can. Then rake over and cover with cardboard and cover with farmyard manure. The cardboard starves the weeds of light and when it rots down the worms will pull the nutrients into the soil. By the Spring you should have good soil to sow your seeds into.

    • Reply by Rikk

      Thanks for the advice, I will starting as you have suggested at the weekend 👍

    • Reply by goldfish63

      I think digging up the weeds and not forgetting the roots is best, as for brambles I have seen people training them up a trellis to prevent them sprawling across the ground, also they are easier to manage and cut, the bonus is some nice blackberries later 🙂