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  • Hi, I changed my life at 50 and have never looked back

    I moved from South to North to start a social work degree in my 50th year. Right in the middle I was diagnosed with Cancer, which was a bit inconvenient, I still graduated though alongside my peers. Then I parted from my long term (37yrs) partner last year because we wanted very different things from this last leg of life’s adventure. I’ve never been happier. I want to travel more and still hoping to find someone to share my life with which is much more difficult than I thought, but a lot of fun.

    Posted by anita.haskin
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    • Reply by AdeleL

      Ive just joined this group and i must say that reading these comments is not only inspirational but also life affirming.



    • Reply by tsmsilvers

      This is inspirational. Lots of lovely stories here which make u realise the need to make every day count and to push yourself out of your comfort zone. I know too many of my peers who retreat into their comfort zone and became a stereotype of themselves so it’s nice to read stories about people who choose different paths.

    • Reply by stantini

      Hi Anita,

      You are a brave woman,  and a successful one it seems.  I read your piece and I thought you are an example to us all.  I sincerely hope that you have fought off that terrible cancer,  and I wish you luck with your search for that elusive partner.

      I am a young and fit looking, 66 year young guy. I am going through a job crisis, and personal crisis, but reading what you wrote is an inspiration.

      Take care from Tony.

    • Reply by hirendemocraticrepublican3942

      I am a retired teacher, 63 years old, I took early retirement at age 57 and never looked back. I was  55 when I took my teachers pension. Although I had less money top live on – it was worth it for the peace of mind and quality of life. Teaching was draining me – I spent decades trying to inspire, motivate, encourage and care for teenage students – sadly and disappointingly, I did not feel that my efforts were never valued by senior management , secondary school students, many parents and I was fed up. Now I have a a stress free life – I have time to enjoy the company of friends, family, neighbours. I enjoy a travelling around the world, learning languages and I have a wide range of hobbies and interests :” theatre, cinema, gym, museum exhibitions, art galleries, walking in the countryside , music concerts, reading literature, etc . I have the time, energy, good health and money to enjoy this and much more. I spent years working like a slave – long hours and long days, trying to please others who did not appreciate my hard work and dedication. Now I love for me, my friends, family and I do the things which give me pleasure, happiness, satisfaction, fulfilment. I am also taking up volunteering for a charity where I can use my range of skills to helpp others.

    • Reply by ejmccoach

      I had a brain haemorrhage and contracted bacterial meningitis just before turning 51. I was medically retired  from the Civil Service in 2012,spiralled into a deep depression, lost my confidence, self belief and self respect for many years. I have had to relearn everything from how to walk, to brushing my teeth to preparing meals. I joined a walking group, my husband was a walk leader and gradually learned to walk for up to an hour. I became a walk leader when asked to do so by the coordinator. I still do voluntary work with Edinburgh Headway Group which is for adults living with acquired brain injury, making beaded jewellery. I worked as a Tesco store Community Champion for a bit, had a few Osteoporotic fractures to contend with and am now back working for the civil service department that medically retired me, but at an Administrative grade with no management responsibilities! I have learned macrame and relearned knitting and sewing too. I grow lots of fruit and vegetables in the garden, which is small and am an elder and choir member at my church. I am in the church craft group and raise a lot of money for the church through knitting, sewing or card making. Life after 50 is not what I expected it to be after my illness in 2011, but I will be 60 at the beginning of next month, have fairly decent health, even with Osteoporosis and 3 gorgeous granddaughters! My motto is ‘give it a try – you may find it is the right thing to do’. Most importantly, believe in yourself, travel and aim to learn something new every day. Never give up on yourself.

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    • Reply by musicbycecilia


      I am 55 and happily single but would love somebody to keep me company, as I have a need to share, talk, have fun and bond with a partner. Recently I moved up North and started a more outdoor life enjoying the greenery of where I live.

    • Reply by davidgreenhill1

      Take it easy take it easy.

    • Reply by davdonpam

      Similar story to Anita,  both myself and my wife attended university late in life 35-38 respectively. Psychology degree in hand Julie went to work counseling and voluntary work with the Samaritans. I went into mentoring and teaching. Our son left home and now we’re looking forward to living as we had planned for years.  Then at 40, from being diagnosed to dead took six weeks. I lost my wife, lover, friend, counselor and partner in arguments😁 I was forty and now at sixty I’ve never looked back at any stage…its to painful. Now I’m a disgrace full old man, travling the world, and living like I’m that 25year old soldier I once was. I’d give it all up for one last argument about politics,  religion, social injustice or how Man United played Saturday. Cest la vie!

      • Reply by vinevenci2016

        60 is not old, is it davdonpam? I am 59 and I think life starts now, the previous part was just a learning stage…

        • Reply by davdonpam


          I think its all relative,  your quite right sixy is not old. But you can equality argue it’s not young either. I’m still travelling the world (when possible) abd every single time I pick my old army burgen up I think the same  “bloody hell…I’ve packed this like I’m still twenty”


    • Reply by mayorcaroline8

      Hello Anita

      I found my second husband on the net (you have to kiss a lot of frogs to find your prince!).  I moved to North Yorkshire.   Married him and we have a super home in Nidderdale.  I had a stroke three years ago and Ian was great.  I found myself another job, took a couple of voluntary jobs and havereally never looked back.

      We are in self isolation right now and I will go back to work on 1st July.

      Hope you find what you are seeking.

      Best wishes,


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